Beauty & The Star

Beauty & The Star by Joe Reid Kirby III

You’re beautiful,
So beautiful …
You have not the slightest idea of how very beautiful you are,
You’d prefer to run away from the day,
Escape to the consistent hugs of where you lay,
Taking steps back too very far,
This is why you are where you are …
Hiding your gifts from the present,
Comfortable with the highs of being a peasant,
Completely unprepared for the always unexpected drips into the lows,
The height of the impact is met when it slows,
Even the pills can’t block such disastrous blows,
Spine tingling cuffs arresting every nerve right down to your toes,
The burden of pain comes with beauty I suppose is how it goes,
For you were born in to it …
But how beautiful it was to your mother & father when you opened your eyes,
Those many times you fell while learning to walk,
Didn’t hurt after a while to your surprise,
& your first love …
The crush that caught your eye,
Crushed you when circumstance intervened,
That foremost feeling though you could never buy,
& you can’t forget the beauty in the eye of that first guy,
The one who really cared,
The man or boy who consensually crossed you over into womanhood,
When the feelings were truly there,
Discomfort was in attendance to greet you at the gate,
Soon transmuted into something great,
Someone in this world wanted to be right there,
Vulnerable to you,
Attracted to all that you have to give,
Happy to feed you spoonfuls of pleasure,
Confirming your connection to this life you have to live,
& Oh you began to recognize your beauty …
Unfortunately, in all of the wrongest ways,
Seeking that connection to this mountainous life through men,
Sex without the soul helping & hurting you through your longest days,
But Oh how beauty pays …
Spending years engaged to pain,
Brutally pounded by hail & rain,
Somehow remaining beautiful …
Impossibly still beautiful …
& why do you think that is?
Could it be it’s because that’s who you are?
Make your next step forward,
Plug-in to the outlets which give, not take,
Darkness is but a backdrop to a star.

~ Joe Reid Kirby III  1/25/17

© 2017 3CupsOfJoe. All rights reserved.

***Please do not copy/screenshot any part or whole to any portion of the above original work without written consent. Creative writings by Joe Reid Kirby III serve as intellectual property & may only be shared under the name of the original poet. Photo credit belongs to FullyRawKristina of Houston, TX.



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