Don’t Be A Hater All Your Life

Don’t Be A Hater All Your Life by Joe Reid Kirby III

Why don’t we support each other more? There’s enough success to go around for everyone. Celebrity gossip; what we tend to think about the super-rich; and the blatant disrespect to the ultra-successful: are things that are often times preconceived, unsupported opinions. It is us hating on the fact that maybe, just maybe, others did what we were unwilling to do; to get to where they obsessively put into their mind they needed to — absolutely had to, be.

We tend to not be able to see the fact that they are people just like you and me; who opened their eyes, with wide vision, and saw that there were no strings attached. These people ran through life at full speed; and never looked back — other than to appreciate their progress. These unique individuals, of the same human flesh and blood, witnessed in awe the spectacle of the waves of the ocean having no end. So they decided to be those waves. The waves that only a select few would be brave enough to ride; and the roll-tide that generations to come would add to and repetitively revive.

Everyone looks at people like Walt Disney, and have only the desire to praise and work for Disney. I, on the other hand, want to learn from that incredible mind, and to eventually be a Disney. Everyone likes to drink or be associated with Coca Cola; but I want to be my own version of John Pemberton, and create my own worldwide brand as he did. Everyone wants to consume or criticize McDonald’s; and it is a goal of mine to create a product or service, as Ray Kroc once did, that will experience perpetual growth, unrivaled. Are my dreams too big? No, stop being a damn hater all your life; your thoughts are just too small. One can’t fathom the vastness of space; neither can they fathom your mind. Nor, could they ever dream of the things you’re capable of pulling out of it; and adding to this physical reality for them to see, taste, smell, feel, and hear. We’re experiencing a different level of being here. Yet, few talk about this alternate, parallel dimension, that a rare number can make out so clear.

Everyone’s more excited about when you get a job building someone else’s dreams — that those dreamers dreamt about daily, and developed into the multi-billion dollar reality you witness before you — than when you decide to pull one of your own stars out of the sky, & showcase it’s brilliance to the world. Isn’t it interesting that when we see super-successful people, that we identify them as stars? Their ability to be a hundred percent their authentic themselves, brings a certain glow to their skin — and the world becomes wooed by it.

And you are special too! Aren’t you? Were you not too one of the 7 billion to win this lottery, known as human life. How incredible you are. Winning a race against billions, to be here; before you even opened your eyes, could strike you as surprising surprise. How great you are.

Dwell in the serenity of your breath. Be happy that you are here to be. And be just that … a human being creative. You are creative — in your own secret way. Why are you hiding yourself from the world? The thought of everyone else knowing how great you actually are would likely leave you naked to the human habitat, right? Is that not how we came in to it? Someone else first put those clothes on you. Though everyone fails to remember that you came out of your mother utter perfection. Your creators couldn’t see any less than perfection in your hair. Your cry could pull at the heartstrings of any ear that caught the signal. The way you smiled was something they wouldn’t dare. You showed too much care. Your love, so unbelievably genuine and unconditional; a mere touch of your fingers would strike joy into the most hateful heart. Pure perfection.

The people had their way with you though. All in your life are guilty of molding your shape to their personal liking. Adding here, and taking away there, came the destruction of your perfection. You were pointed here, there, and everywhere; which resulted in losing your own since of direction. They may have cracked your compass inside; put strange clothes on your back; and given your brain a wash with the wrong kind of soap — some succumb to the scum; but you are not broken. Your perfection is still there.

Your insides tend to jump out of you when you’re alone. When no ones watching, you can dance and sing just fine. The best thoughts didn’t come forth from you, when you were in a classroom; but while you were in the shower, or taking a poop. Walks in nature feed your soul, and dips in water quenches its’ thirst. The balloon is most firm when it’s about to burst. So why were you told that you were cursed?

Just because you weren’t born with wings, doesn’t mean you’re not destined to fly. When the angel of death comes calling your name, it doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye. Your favorite questions as a child used to start and end with “why?” No matter how many times you’d fail, still again, and again; and again, and again; and again, and again; you’d try, and then try.

Not only are you hating on others, but you’re also hating on yourself. You could never be that beautiful; become that smart; or acquire that much wealth — these are the things you tell yourself?

Don’t do this. You shouldn’t do that. Doubtful sayings, from familiar inner voices, constantly replayed and saved in the mind. You should be scared of this. You can’t do that. What does one expect the result to be from hearing these fruitless words all the damn time?

Unless a Being chooses not to listen to the opinions of the haters, that simply wish they could … and present themselves as genuinely as they absolutely positively should … do they ever achieve the nirvana of absolute freedom. Those though whom don’t follow the systems in place, and decide to make their own, are deemed as ‘bad;’ whether happy or sad, & won’t be left alone. Geniuses are locked away in cells, while idiots are free to roam. It’s not until you realize that your domicile is within, will you ever really reach what is home.

Haters live in the hell they’ve built. Lovers only know their heaven. Everybody is allotted twenty-four hours in a day — every week is equal to seven. One can choose to be a hater all their life, and spend all their time on other’s; or, one can be a creator of life, and enjoy their time as fathers and mothers.

#3CupsOfJoe … Peace. LOVE. Understanding.


© 2017 3CupsOfJoe. All rights reserved.


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