Does True LOVE Still Exist?

Does True LOVE Still Exist? by Joe Reid Kirby III

Does true LOVE still exist?

Outside of the movies …

Beyond the music …

Is there anyone out there anymore who won’t abuse it?

Is it even an option anymore to choose it?

Or, has the world missed its’ renewal date,

Only to forever lose it?

True LOVE …

I’ve seen true LOVE …

It was just the other day,

Outside of your regularly scheduled tv and radio play …

It wasn’t dancing,

Nor singing,

Not even jumping in the air,

It was rather quiet,

Pretty peaceful,

Ready and willing to share,

Its’ message …

From the concept of all,

Neither enveloped nor bottled,

Open to read to the passing public,

With not one listed law to be followed,

Written on a stack of single papers,

Were the letters ‘B’ and ‘E,’

Any passerby free to take a slip,

There was no posted fee,

All that was required was to be who you’re supposed to be,

Truly loving yourself,

The life you live,

And every beings’ energy that comes to we,

The people …

We the people are LOVE,

At least that’s what we’re supposed to be,

The greater picture of the whole,

Though many are looking through a hole and trying to see,

LOVE is not The Milky Way,

It’s not the Earth,

Or anything in it,

It’s neither the imminent nor the omitted,

The persecuted nor the permitted,

LOVE is being,

The act of being …

Not a person, place, or thing,

True LOVE is those without sight,

Or a bird with only one wing,

LOVE is king,

Without a castle,

Music with no note to sing,

It’s just the hum of the human,

The thunders’ ring,

And the water-drops ding,

True LOVE is all around us,

It’s hard to feel it though when you’re overstimulated by constant moving and sight-seeing,

True LOVE is everything that comes easy,

It’s simply being …

So stop looking for what you already are,

You are LOVE …

Be that …

And so much more will follow,

Complicated is the fool that makes it a difficult sip to swallow.

~ Joe Reid Kirby III 11/19/16

2017 3CupsOfJoe. All rights reserved.


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