I LOVE YOU! by Joe Reid Kirby III

Have you never known love?

Has your mother never kissed you?

Has your father never held you?

Has your child never tickled your ears with those three magical words?



So you are familiar with this feeling that I feel,

With this healing set out to heal,

With this dealing no hand could deal,

Can you see me?

I ask because I feel invisible to the world,

Invincible to all lemons that life has to hurl,

Investing in every molecule of this most remarkable girl,

This woman …

Oh what a woman,

I can’t help but admit, “I LOVE YOU!”

After every paragraph of dialogue that I say,

For it is YOU that harvests life,

From the deepest,

Most daunting morsels of me,

Look at that breath you just took,

That look you just looked,

Your every word … the most penetrating notes of an exuberant musical key,

And so you see,


Like the force that molded the heavens,

Causing the ambrosia fruits to sprout,

Among the lush greens and paradise blues,

The energy that makes no one better than two’s,

It’s you and I …

From this spot we stand,

Far beyond the sky,


Is only a short description of how I feel …

I plan to spend the rest of my time passionately expressing to you why.

~ Joe Reid Kirby III 11/3/16

2017 3CupsOfJoe. All rights reserved.


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