The Map To Your TREASURE

The Map to Your TREASURE by Joe Reid Kirby III

Balanced on the anchor at the deepest depth of your soul,

Wondering into the darkness of all you’ve ever consciously and subconsciously known,

There are no artificial frequencies that can reach these depths,

No internet,

No phone,

This is where you meet YOU alone,

These underpopulated ocean floors are their greatest fears,

But oh the treasures you may bring to light,

Everything else has already been stolen,

All things that have come to human sight,

Yet no one can see your thoughts down here,

Many find it hard to even breathe,

But you’ve trained your lungs to encapsulate the bubbles,

So the oxygen within them you freely receive,

This is what you’ve trained for,

Long and hard,

Living a life coated by the material-disease,

Your hours limited to a few paper dollars,

And your health run down with such ease,

You chose not to go in today though,

Instead you’re diving deep,

Down to the bottom of the bottom of this,

Far away from all of the sheep,

No man-made tools to weigh you down,

Even gravity must take a backseat,

Feel your toes in the black sands of the rocky bottoms,

Trust the intuition in your feet,

Walk over to the spot you were destined to discover,

Your greatest gift …

Be prepared to meet …

Your natural, waterproof night-vision will help you to see,

And the GPS within your third-eye will let your body know where to be,

Fear not the blackness of the water and the sands,

Believe in the energy that magnetizes your spirit,

And harmonizes your human glands,

Now dig …

Dig deep …

Like a lions’ instinct to fresh meat,

Feel the clumps of blackened clay submit to your clasping hands,

Appreciate its’ unique texture and agreement to yield,

It understands the innumerable obstacles you’ve faced in the field,

And it has decided not to be another,

What a gracious brother …

Behold this great hole you’ve dug beneath the ocean,

A moment no one else knows exists,

Holding firm to the faith that you will find your treasure,

Impatience will not cause you to miss,

For you are at peace in this picture,

Framed in the Great Gallery,

Displaying all master-peaces of your greatest memories,

Dig …

And as you continue to do so,

The hole will begin to dig itself,

It would not be wise to disturb this help,

Dig …

And once you’ve dug what seems to be your own grave,

Look up from it and appreciate all that life has given and gave,

For your bed is now made,

And one day you must lie in it,

But today is not that day,

Dig past the depths of death the old owls say,

Observe this miracle …

You’ve found your way …

It’s always LOVE at first touch,

When you meet your Soul,

And you feel so young,

Once you see how old,

The waters become mighty warm,

When you experience what’s cold,

Only muttering the sweetest sounds,

Filled with supreme truths and told,

Shared not with a voice outside of my own head,

But I know,

You will know,

They’re a flawlessly-written book,

So easily read …

The mind has no trouble digesting every word spoken,

Though unsaid,

Every question immediately answered,

Faster than you may think it,

It has already come and fled,

This is you …

Outside of your flesh …

The impenetrable energy that can’t be bled,

Letting off immense rays of abundant LOVE and joy,

Every starving cell of your physical structure being fed,

Only now do you know what it’s like to be full,

Every level of yourself operating at a hundred percent,

And the Soul asks not for any percentage in return,

What does Eternal Energy need with a rent?

It only requests that you stand and you LIVE,

Not bow and repent,

The heavens inside you house that from which this perfection we’ve named “treasure” was sent.

~ Joe Reid Kirby III 1/11/17

2017 3CupsOfJoe. All rights reserved.



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