Ever got your a** whooped?

Ever got your ass whooped? by Joe Reid Kirby III

Strong lashes on my backside,

The antidote to trying to get me to conform,

Who knows from who it was today,

Mama and Daddy are often forlorn …


And I choose to let the tears stain my cheeks,

I don’t believe in wiping them away …

I just want to feel them,

From the transfer of passion,

I often wish that they’d stay,


Climb up to the top-bunk of my bed,

It seems a lot safer up here …

I can scan every nook and cranny of my room,

Like a sniper overseas at war,

And there’s nothing to fear …


Not way up here,

Close to the ceiling,

In my spaceship of choice,

Levitating above the floor,


I don’t think there will be anyone to disturb me,

Especially not after that last scream,

And the slamming of the door,


Lying on my back,

I watch the clouds in the ceiling,

Mentally recording everything I’m feeling,

Looking far into deep space,


Further than most would dare to travel,

The marshmallow tissue of my mind though …

I love the taste,


White paint bubbles extend from wall to wall,

These are the galaxies which hold planets …

And I can touch them …

Rather gently …

Or knock down every star we take for granted,


My fingertips are the paintbrush,

A stroke of my finger alters the Divine design,

It’s a good thing there’s no evil in my heart,

Or this entire universe would be mine!


Scrapped off into a pile of white dust,

Powdering the dingy khaki carpet like snow,

But instead, I only wish to stage the Milky Way in my favor …

You other galactic entities are free to go,


Ah the pain on my ass,

But it seems to soothe me to sleep,

I will awake anew,

At peace and very well-rested,

And the change in my time will be deep.

~ Joe Reid Kirby III 9/14/16


2017 3CupsOfJoe. All rights reserved.



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