How DEEP does your life go? (Written + Spoken Word Poem)

How DEEP Does Your Life Go? by Joe Reid Kirby III

First, it was the television to take your eyeballs,
Then, the computer borrowed them for a while,
Now, it’s the cellphones which hold them hostage,
Soon, it’ll be another type of smoke-screen …
Shielding your eyes from the sights to be seen …
Leaching your mind of the electricity inside you,
Conducted in your body through every move you make,
Every breath you take,
And every neuron that chooses to cooperate,
In the symphony anthem of this movement,
For that moment,
In-tune with every organ,
Harmonizing with every gland,
Yet, you choose to put the trust in every made of man …
And not make use of your own protons and electrons,
To catch the currents of electricity running through your veins,
Creating lightening bolts,
Crashing through your limbs,
Projecting pictures cast from the eye of the third …
Of your every memory of your ever time in this multiverse,
Of multidimensional symmetrical parts of every kind of light and darkness,
Remote controlling every pre’our’storic truth,
From multiple perspectives of infinite perspective channels,
Raining down geometrical gumdrops,
Cream-filled with libraries of ancient wisdom,
Activating the thick, intertwined neon-light strands of dormant DNA,
Wasting the sounds in the pages,
Of volumes of books,
Trying to communicate what could be compiled and compacted into a single verse …..
How deep does your life go?
Here …
Now …
Before and after …
Our life is in tears and laughter.

~ Joe Reid Kirby III 12/26/16

2017 3CupsOfJoe. All rights reserved.


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