Days in Suriname

Days in Suriname by Joe Reid Kirby III

The time doesn’t change here …

Nearly every day it rains,

A forth as often as the sun shines,

And does it shine …

You’re sprayed daily with a tropical tan through the window,

The plants are constantly encouraged to grow,

All everything in these parts seem to know is life …

And you’re free to live it however fast or slow,

The birds put on an hourly show,

The roosters perfect their ambient crow,

The reptiles pay the humans no mind,

They simply bypass the obstacles and continue to go,

And you’ve never seen the stars shine with such a glow,

On a clear night you’d swear you could touch them,


You could hold them …


Reach your arms out and stand on the tips of your toe,

As long as your mood is high they’ll seem so low.

~ Joe Reid Kirby III 3/7/17

2017 3CupsOfJoe. All rights reserved.



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