Bad Food (Written + Spoken Word Poem)

Bad Food by Joe Reid Kirby III

Skewed down through the meat,

Right down to the bone,

Blood stream injected with toxic elements unknown,

Chemical reactions bursting through the rivers of the body,

Curling waves of yellowish foam,

Invaders reeking havoc on what has forever been home,

One of the primary muscles,

Being the brain,

Tenses up tight,

Clinching nerve beginnings,

Releasing suicidal warriors to their endings,

Prepared to fight,

Intercepted mid-course by the crush of another wave,

Shaken by the responders discourse and the enemies utter refusal to behave,

A heat-wave ensues through climate modification,

Immediate action telephoned through the sublevels of concentration,

Sirens blare,

While the nature of alien life-forms is made bare,

Biochemical combat knows not any rules that are fair,

Truth or dare?

As the chambers of a heart of steel is loaded,

With decisions,

Each having their own sleeves unfolded,

One cylinder left unstuffed,

The void,

The neutral zone,

The category that has chosen to be left alone,

And not shot by a shot,

Aiming right for your head,

Leaving you dead,

Or unable to remember that you’re not.

~ Joe Reid Kirby III 12/28/16

2017 3CupsOfJoe. All rights reserved.


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