He is You.

He is You. by Joe Reid Kirby III

Squared space,


Alone with one’s thoughts,

One’s own mind,

The walls turned windows,

Each exhibiting another dimension,

One with a gallery of the greenest trees,

And mountainous range,

The clear skies seem to blanket the distance of multiple days,

Then, there’s the picturesque barrier between the peacock cosmos and the shadows of this cube,

An image of absolute wonder an awe,

With one sight of gloom,

Making it difficult to set these magnetized eyes on the piece,

Heart nearly leapt out of the chest cavity to reset its’ peace,

As blank stares focus on the stained glass divide,

Thinly separating past and present,

Taking every adrenal gland in the body for a ride,

Oh my,

What a wondrous, awful expedition you’ve been through,

But would it not make sense of where those cramping feet have come to,

If not,

My how you’ve forgot,

How durable your spirit is,

Now turn to the last spot,

A two-way mirror,

Only presenting a reflection,

The presence of a fixed look,

The hairs of the skin can detect,

Energy bursting up through the chakras,

Causing the spine to stand erect,

As its’ fluid floods the system,

Sparking atomic electrochemicals,

Enflaming the emanation of the evolved corpse,

Pupils fastened to the dark gamma portals linking the gateway,

Not knowing whether to stick around or to getaway,

So much noise,

The kind of sound that’ll pick up your shoulders,

Boisterous blares,

Infinite stares,

Ten toes buried in the center of the stars,


Fracturing every link of natural laws,

A glimpse of the truth,

Quicker than a strike of lightening,

Thunderous language,

Here is understanding,

Stand over what you thought,

And everything you think,

There is no flaw within your being,

You are infinite,




Yes you there,

Listen to me,

There is God!



It is He!

Master Creator of All!

Look at your index finger attached to extended arm …

He is You!

~ Joe Reid Kirby III 12/6/16

2017 3CupsOfJoe. All rights reserved.


P.S. For all of my religious fanatics of devoted faith, before I am greeted with any negative insights in regards to my chosen art-form, I’d like to direct your attention to a verse from the ancient literature deemed holy:

John 10:34 ~ “Jesus answered them, Is it not written in your law, I said, Ye are gods?”



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