Black Boy (Poem + Video)

Black Boy by Joe Reid Kirby III

Stand up black boy,
Stand up …
Brush off your knees …
This is a time for strength and certainty,
Save your “thank you’s” and “please,”
There’s no need to put your fist in the air,
But put it in the mouths of those who disrespect our women with ease,
Fill your mind with knowledge young black boy,
Ignorance is a genetic disease,
Replace the fear they’ve instilled in your heart,
With all of this love that’s still in the air,
Be not afraid of battle free black boy,
Whether mentally or all-out warfare,
Don’t wait to ready the mind and body,
Feed your brain the books it craves,
Put the necessary stress on your muscles,
Allow the weakness to pour out in waves,
Yet and still your heart should never harden,
No matter how fearless,
Nor how brave,
Fight for your right to love sweet black boy,
Even if love is all we can save,
They will strike you down and kill you dead in the streets,
No matter the positivity you try to pave,
So if you are to die strong black boy,
Take your dignity to your grave,
Plant your heels firmly on the ground,
Bend your knees slightly,
Prepare for impact …
Die on your feet you Melanin King,
If you must die,
Die with your gold soul in tact.

~ Joe Reid Kirby III 9/14/16

2017 3CupsOfJoe. All rights reserved.


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