Seeing Eye-to-Eye

Seeing Eye-to-Eye by Joe Reid Kirby III

GDT / Naturfotograf 2010

Everything only exists when it’s shared,

Out of sight,

Mind bought out by the present,

Left wondering if the past ever cared …

Many grow old wishing they’d dared,

More die young,

Never having paired …

The likeness of the left-footed shoe,

To the right one,

An innocent soul knows it’s true,

Which is you …

Whom lives a life grounded on love,

What is two?

A one,

Added to the one,

Is the clue,

What is a one alone on this earth to do?

The abundance of air in the sky is for who?

Copious drops of ocean hold the human skin together like glue,

As the eyes never age,

So do the looks of another make me anew …

Born again and again,

Reincarnating every morning,

Dying peacefully every night,

Where the brain reads color,

The heart only sees black and white …

Feelings are the clouds of gray,

Emotion the silver lining,

Give me existence with your stares,

Beauty is all about timing …

Feelings are felt,

Emotion moves,

Love governs them all …

Eyeball beyond the problems of any person,

There’s nothing eye-to-eye vision couldn’t solve.

~ Joe Reid Kirby III 3/31/17

2017 3CupsOfJoe. All rights reserved.



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