BIRTHPLACE of PAIN | A Poet’s Poem + Visual

BIRTHPLACE of PAIN by Joe Reid Kirby III

Look at how many people can take pain …
Do you see that single mother working two 8 hour shifts a day?
Have you noticed that father who wants to be in his children’s life, but their mother makes it impossible?
How many tattoos have you seen today, from grieving souls & wanderlust spirits?
Your ears have yet to recognize the broken heart which wonderfully pumps out the words of your favorite song when you’re all alone …
The hungry tend to have voices much softer than the boisterous speech of the greedy,
Those whom have everything this world has to offer somehow need more than the needy …
Luckily, people in pain tend to find the pleasure in it …
The stroke of a needles’ solo act,
Pushing the pain out of your pores,
& you’re forced to face it nose to nose,
How strong are you without your clothes?
Hanging upside down by thin strings wrapped around your smallest toes,
Or lying under someone who reaps all of the pleasure,
Yet brings no rewards worth a measure …
Only more troubles …
Every year they’re ignored,
A little problem doubles,
Are you armed with your sword?
They say not to walk without it …
But I dare not use it on my brother,
To those whom act as sources of destruction:
I choose not to be another …
I honor human life,
Quality of life,
& most of all …
My mother.

~ Joe Reid Kirby III 4/9/17

2017 3CupsOfJoe. All rights reserved.

Watch the video on the GottaLoveKirby Channel of YouTube:


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