Laughs & Cries ~ Poem

Laughs & Cries by Joe Reid Kirby III

Burn yourself with the tip of the lighter,

After you’ve just lit your favorite thing to smoke,

Sing the same ten songs over & over again,

Sometimes they’re the only voice that brings hope …

I’ve never stolen anything from anybody in my adult life,

Unless those fries or lips of hers count …

I spend every damn dollar I earn,

No matter my banks account …

Swat the mosquitoes & dodge the bees,

Don’t get bit by no ticks & fleas,

The heart stops …

Deciding to live again,

When you sneeze,

The mouth reminds the mind to calm,

When you yawn,

To set the body at ease …

The screens steal our time with cries & laughs,

& we proudly pay it our attention,

That’s all we have left to spend …

Work my ass off at an overnight job that’s below my talents,

But …

When the car’s broke down & the rent’s past due,

Where’s the class that tells me what the hell to do?

The governments swallow the bail & tickets,

The church helps themselves to the tithes,

But how many financially-damned have they helped?

So many laughs & cries.

~ Joe Reid Kirby III 4/11/17

2017 3CupsOfJoe. All rights reserved.



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