The Flame ~ Love Poem

The Flame by Joe Reid Kirby III

Thumbs calloused and ashed from flicking the lighter,

There’s an art to its’ pull and hold,

Like any good relationship,

You can’t allow a comforting flame to go cold …

You don’t want to release her,

Look how her flame provides the heat,

Promised her heart and soul to keep,

Careful to not bring her into the sheets without good intentions,

She just may burn the house down,

She just may …

Good thing my voice blows away her brief dismay,

Even when she’s the hottest flame,

I can still take her breath away with mine …

Lips sprinkled with drops of half watermelon and lime,

Lit …

It’s about time,

She’s it …

Straight from the purple grapevine,

Admit …

You need her …

You could possibly survive without her,

But without her you couldn’t truly live …

Make a wholesome warm meal,

Light a heavily stuffed joint,

Just at the tippy tips though …

Don’t sacrifice it all to the flame,

Or it’ll burn,

You better learn …

Let her be,

Make a move when it’s your turn,

On a countdown from 3,

Listen to her,

For her sizzling sound reminds you,

That perfection can be found when both are willing to meet half way …

To find true.

~ Joe Reid Kirby III 4/8/17

2017 3CupsOfJoe. All right reserved.




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