AnXiety ~ Poem

AnXiety by Joe Reid Kirby III

Anxiety …

Why do you lie to me?

Making up these elaborate stories in my head …

If there was a such thing as a monster,

I’d be it …

And my preference would be on top of the bed …

If I was to die,

I’d already be dead,

So there’s no need to remind me of the anomalies which could occur …

Insuring my demise …

I’d much prefer for my untimely death to be a pleasant surprise …

By the way,

When I’m excited,

You’re not allowed to rise …

Why worry that I’ll lose what I’ve just gained?

Can I just enjoy my time with my prize?

No matter how brief …

There’s no need to grief,

The warrior sells,

It’s only the worrier that buys …

And I’m not buying it,

So stop trying it,

You master thief of truth …

Turning my mind against my body is simply a ploy,

My soul demands to see the proof …

If I am to stop treading on,

Atop this unfamiliar ground,

One thing I need you to understand anxiety,

Is that I hardly ever,

Practically never,

Need you creeping around …

Those grim memories you attempt to cage me in,

Isn’t somewhere I choose to live …

I’m here now …

Safe & happy,

With this present Love has chosen to give.

~ Joe Reid Kirby III 4/24/17

2017 3CupsOfJoe. All rights reserved.


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