Authentic. (Actuality Check – Slow Suicide) ~ Slam Poem

Authentic. (Actuality Check – Slow Suicide) by Joe Reid Kirby III

It’s the ones that don’t really care about life that commit slow suicide —

eating crappy foods; drinking poisons; not truly caring for the brain & body.

I’m one of those too.

Too cowardice to face actuality.

Preferring to sit quietly & pretend things don’t bother you …

but they do.


grit those teeth or bite those lips,

you know it’s true.

Things bother me too,

but it’s not ‘okay’ to say it.

Wishing it was the kind of problem of which you could simply spray it.

Nope … No!

Everything that’s not like you pisses you off.

That demon in your mind continues to dominate the inner chatter.

Sometimes you just wake up, and want something to smoke, pop, or drink

to be unable to walk.

And that’s your excuse.

Piss poor excuse.

You don’t really want to be in that skin

do you?

You traded your life for religion

only to excuse yourself from having to live it.

The happiest humans are those who don’t


in anything.

Like babies.

Nothing offends them.

But for us believers in the infinite forms of energy which surrounds us,

it’s scary out there.

People bury themselves

in their open coffins

of problems

out there.

You’d prefer to get it over with

& be mummified or incinerated

right now,

because there just has to be something poetic after this

hell of a life.

Right? Right …

You know I know these things

because I own these things.

My mirrors stay clear

so I can see


Here’s a selfie to the world of how I see me.

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~ Joe Reid Kirby III 5/6/17

2017 3CupsOfJoe. All rights reserved.


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