Life’s Face Value ~ Poem (MUST READ)

Life’s Face Value by Joe Reid Kirby III

My raindrops cause fire,

My fire brings snow,

Bouts of snow drop hail,

Hail will make the ice show,

To free you from your slips and current slides,

Find your footing in the darkness,

There’s a bright future ahead,

But watch your head …

Or you may end up walking with the dead,

Though they still feel regretfully alive …

Rusted razors readied at their wrists …

Horizontal or vertical?

Have to be sure not to miss …

Entertained only by the streams of blood dripping from the fingers’ tips,

A hole anywhere else but the heart is an experienced kiss on a rule breaking, law bender’s lips …

Only following the rules which can’t be broken,

No word against gravity will leverage its verdict once spoken,

This is an interpretation to a dreamer,

Or a cold shower to those who’ve already awoken,

Where the scores are high,

They can’t see the value of your token,

Yet, here you are …

Defying the odds of being 1 in 400 trillion,

Your chances are greater in this life of winning over 100 million,

U.S. …

9 times …

Though it’s us and not the cats whom think we have 9 lives …

So why the lies?

If you’re going to waste yourself,

Just do it …

But if you’re not going to squander this extraordinary opportunity,

Then, screw it …

To figure out why you’re here,

Where you are is the first need-to-know …

After that, it’s pinpointing exactly where you’re trying to go …

Now map out the precise road to get you to that destination,

Every pit stop along the way,

To the embodied voice of your calling,

Speaking to you in frequencies no other ear can hear,

Is cause for celebration …

Begin your memoir with Dear:

Dear Every Heart That Has Ever Been Broken,

This is Joe …

And I recognize the value of your token.

~ Joe Reid Kirby III 5/23/17

2017 3CupsOfJoe. All rights reserved.


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