Conscious Evolution ~ Poetic Short Story

Conscious Evolution by Joe Reid Kirby III

There was once a singular consciousness,

A multitude of every color which exists,

Swinging back & forth through the blackness …

Its eyes looked inward,

Its entire being able to smell & taste,

The sensation of aether around it & infinite energy within it pleased its sense of touch,

The sounds of forms beneath the net of its formlessness was an endless musical story evolving throughout its darkest undaunted days …

The blackest nights were spent dreaming without the need of sleep,

Being without the need to think …

Truth was all there was,

Love is all it is,

Happiness & sadness were not a thing,

Anger & gladness were never privileged a reason to sing …

All complexity in its simplest form with zero complications,

No need for words to explain or communicate a side …

No opinion,

No shame,

No reason to run or hide …


Though never lonely,

Completely content to be itself …

Ever advancing with no teacher,

Living with no need to stress about its health …

It was healing …

Though never hurt …


With no limit of time,


With no reason to hate,


With no excuses to whine,

Every second a celebration,

No boundary or limiting line …

Full without food,

Satisfied without pleasure,

Grateful for its greatness,

Flying higher heights than any formula or calculation could ever measure …

The seed & the water,

The life & the death,

All strength & all wisdom,

The perfect balance of all right & all left …

Forever seeking total awareness of itself,

Expanding its vision through every innumerable spec of energy & matter within itself …

Shedding its skin,

Allowing all forms within its formlessness to grow atomically,

Releasing all there is through its breath,

Before it breathes us back in …

All existence a musical note from the heart of all there is,

Every dot serving a color on the grand blank canvas,

Every line a verse of a poem being constantly penned,

Our every minute the only true source of money it consistently lends …

Promising today to pay back every hour you borrow tomorrow,

Only those who recognize this song will overcome human suffering & sorrow,

You can praise its perfection,

Worship its wisdom,

Ignore its infiniteness,

Or complain about its creations,

But once your note has been sung,

Your dance has been danced,

& your story has been written,

You return back to the source of all hands …

To one day,


Be breathed out again …

In a new form …

When the energy reservoir of the formless,


All-being oneness,


~ Joe Reid Kirby III 6/3/17

2017 3CupsOfJoe. All rights reserved.


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