Self-Awareness is the New Cool ~ Poem

Self-Awareness is the New Cool by Joe Reid Kirby III

Unaware of our power,

We hold back …

Physically restrain ourselves,

Mentally detain ourselves,

Stuck …

In a web of lies you’ve told yourself,

Undersold yourself,

And you don’t need help …

Even with cuffs made of paper dollars locking your hands behind your back,

Still sitting silently on those hands even while you’re heavily under attack,

Life is wack …

When you haven’t fully awoken yet to see it …

You’re too ‘busy’ to notice the sunrises,

Too ‘tired’ to witness the sunsets,

And far too unaware of your true self to try & be it …

A stranger sets your schedule,

A leader tells you how to live,

Emotional marketing & clever advertisements sway you where to give …

The only ‘gifts’ you give upon yourself are doubt, envy, & insecurity,

Left only with enough strength & energy to defenselessly pelt …

Any heat above your ninety-eight point six and you tremendously melt,

Any degree below the Fahrenheit of your skin is excruciatingly felt,

Oh how cold the room temperature corps is once it loses its soul …

Returning forward,

To again be a part of the Whole …

Self-awareness being the beings most ultimate goal …

Happiness whether life is rockin’ or no longer on a roll,

Grateful whether you’re the greatest or great at keeping your family full,

Awareness of your surroundings is an infinite-function tool,

Awareness of your DNA will cause your heart to rule …

Awareness of Self …

Studies have shown …

Are the coolest of your said all-time cool!

~ Joe Reid Kirby III 6/10/17

2017 3CupsOfJoe. All rights reserved.


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