Why My Religion is the Best! ~ Deep Article

Why My Religion is the Best! by Joe Reid Kirby III


Check Your Ego at the Still Open Door

I’m sure your ego brought most of you here, in hopes that the best religion I speak of is the one that you belong to … Well, allow me to deflate that excitement from the jump, and not lead you on to reading the rest of my words simply because you assume that I’m referring to Christianity, The Nation of Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, or any other religious entity. Although all of those religions contain timeless, inspirational stories of many of the wisest philosophies and practices of truth, my religion embodies all religions both known and unknown in the world.


My Religion is L_O_ & Here’s Why … 

So what is this all-encompassing religion of all religions I speak of? LOVE. It’s one of the most popular underlying topics of every holy book ever written. It’s the primary teaching from the lips of every beloved messiah or prophet. It is the reason I believe we exist!

Think about it … why are you here? Today. Why? Because you want to be! Because you like the refreshing flow of oxygen through your lungs. You enjoy the benefits of the beating heart in your chest. You’re thankful for being alive, even if you don’t know why sometimes. Don’t lie to yourself. You could remove yourself from this world today if you really wanted to. You have that power. Life was given to you and then put into your hands. You were infused with an abundant source of energy by your biological parents, but you do not even belong to them. You belong to you!


Do you believe in God?

“So if your religion is LOVE, do you still believe in God?” To me, God is LOVE. Man found it necessary to make God like himself; and so, gave LOVE a gender and a face. But oh how we have forgotten that LOVE is formless and omnipresent.

Many men were inspired to write the words of the greater power expressing itself effortlessly through them. That same Divine Energy, which spoke to them from within, is the exact same voice that LOVE chooses to communicate with each of us in — through our conscious (thoughts) and subconscious (memories/dreams) minds. You can hear it right now can’t you? The voice that guides your steps throughout the day. The sound that inspires your creativity. The inner language separate from our own. We only need our brains to send and receive frequencies from this higher power. Our hearts instinctively recognize the vibrations of what is right or wrong. Our mouths are only necessary in our lower levels of consciousness.


Talk to Your Self Lately?

No doubt, the men who’ve infamously penned the holy book of which you’ve dedicated your life to, were madly in LOVE with something or someone; and fearlessly shared their intercepted messages out of LOVE for that. However, those same messages which those men received back then, are still being relayed and responded to by each of us, every single day — whether you’re consciously aware of that fact or not.

You have a story to tell too, don’t you? You’re growing and evolving your understanding of the world and everything in it with each new birthday you’re blessed to celebrate. Right? Hopefully.

And here we are, with our life in our hands, waiting and hoping for someone greater than ourselves to come down from the heavens and save us from ourselves. Many of us never come to realize, even in an entire lifetime, that it is our Self which is greater than us.

Have you never had to get still for a moment and have a good, serious talk with your Self? Our highest Self descends down from the cotton clouds every waking hour, to assist our human flesh in any way it can. The problem is, we hardly ever entrust our Selves with that responsibility and truly allow it to step in to help.


Got Soul?

What is this higher Self I speak of? It’s your Soul — who you authentically are, beyond your family name, wildest human imaginations, and the identity or title you cast out in front of the world to disguise your Self. Your Soul is also as formless and immortal as its parents, LO & VE; and so, you will return to them, once you successfully crack the shell of human form.

The Soul is here to be, hence the ‘being’ behind the human. It watches from the darkness in your eyes and rests in the chambers of your heart. Once called upon, the Soul releases its intense energies through the glands of our endocrine system; to insure that we act accordingly, in order to fulfill our purpose in this form, before we shed our skins and fly back wiser than ever from whence we came — to the Source of All Love.


The Key to The Life

The key is to unlock the chambers of your heart with the bitting cuts of Self Awareness, to unleash the atomic energy of the Soul! Then, you will experience the beautiful life of actuality (enlightenment) and its frequently updated library of truths.

You will soon see that it is LOVE which connects every living being on this planet. It is the LOVE of anything which brings us together. Your best work (& cooking) will be created out of LOVE. You will feel the effects of LOVE from those who simply recognize your existence, and will be encouraged to share those sensations. Each of us make up equal parts of LOVE’s whole.


A World Without My Religion

Still not convinced that my religion is the best one for me? Imagine having everything in this world except LOVE … No LOVE for this. No LOVE for that. No one to LOVE. And no one to be LOVED by. Sounds like a pretty sad life, right?

Now, imagine a world without your religion … I’ll give you a second to ponder on that.

I choose to serve the highest known forces, and what could be any higher than LOVE? This is why I’m making my personal religion known to my peers and am inviting every Soul of which my words come into contact with to join me in practicing its life-altering disciplines — to LOVE and be LOVEABLE.


P.S. I respect all religious perspectives. Whatever makes someone a better human being, I’m all for it! What I’m not fond of is people pushing their limited perspectives on me. I’m here to tell you that it’s okay to pray, praise, and preach in your own unique way. If your religion isn’t making you a better person however, I’d highly suggest looking within for your truths. Having a religion doesn’t make you a good person, nor does not having a religion make anyone a bad person. You were born with a warm heart and no instruction manual … the challenge is maintaining the hearts’ perfect temperature as you evoke the numerous emotions of your life’s experiences and write the notes of your song on the stars.

~ Joe Reid Kirby III 6/14/17


Manifesto: Inspire Unconditional Love.


Message: #3CupsOfJoe … Peace. LOVE. Understanding.


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