How To: Leverage Attention on Social Media ~ Article

How To: Leverage Attention on Social Media by Joe Reid Kirby III

Likes are great, but they won’t keep the lights on. So, how can you leverage all of the attention you’re getting and monetize your free content? Here’s 7 ways that I believe you can get the absolute most value out of your audience:


Don’t be one of those, “I’m so popular, I can just ignore everybody,” types. Grow up, this isn’t grade school. Engage with your fans and show your appreciation for every minute of their attention which they choose to pay you! These are the rare people who will do just anything legal for you. Return, or at least acknowledge, every comment they make. Answer at least a few of their laundry list of questions in the DM’s (unless they’re completely obnoxious or extremely annoying). Pay close attention to those who consistently like your content and return those likes. Be here … right now … on Earth, with everyone who loves you.

Who Are You?

Formally introduce who you are and what you do to everyone who comes into contact with you. How do you think that most everyone in Hollywood made it to Hollywood? Aside from actually having the guts to purchase that one-way ticket to take on the world for a spot in the limelight, they actually had to have the audacity to reveal their authentic self (& sometimes ‘selves’). Believe it or not, the majority of celebrities would never have been known if they didn’t have the courage to step out and show the world who they are and what they can do.

Imagine if your favorite artist or celebrity just sat back; posted a few selfies here and there; and never broadcasted their talent(s). You’d probably never know who they are today. Your favorite song may have never been sung. Your favorite movie may have never been made. Your greatest inspiration may not have been there to inspire you. If people already know about you, why not show them exactly who you are?!

Share Your Knowledge Wisdom

Everyone has knowledge of something, but the true value is within wisdom, or applied knowledge. Don’t fall into the ignorance of telling people what you ‘think’ they should do, simply share your story. Your perspective is only valuable where it can provide insight to others’ current situations; on the other hand, it shouldn’t blur the vision of another.

There’s enough misinformation circulating through the air, don’t be another mouth out there polluting the senses of others with biased nonsense. Share your journey and the countless experiences you’ve survived throughout it. Make your values known. Show the human side of your being.

Know Your Value

How valuable are you? Far beyond any dollar amount, correct? Therefore, you can never run out of things to give, when you give of yourself. Material giving is not sustainable, despite how economically endowed one may be. So what skills, talents, or ideas do you bring to the land, to add greater value to those living upon it? That is your purpose my friend.

Either you’re here to take up space and over-consume everything you can get your hands on; or, you’re here to positively impact the world with your art form and give back to the planet from which you came. Only the latter will intrigue people to remember your name. I could debate forever and a day about how intellectual property carries far more weight than physical assets; but I’ll restrain myself from enjoying the short term satisfaction of being “right,” and end this paragraph with this: “Would you rather your father leave you his luxury house or teach you how to affordably build and maintain many?”

Sex Sells, & So Can You!

Okay, maybe not the best heading choice (I had to keep your eyes somehow, while I take over the world) … But seriously, get your mind out of the gutter, you’ve been watching too much internet. Where I’m getting at is: you need to task your brain daily with checking your gut — knowing what to do and actually doing it. Think of yourself as an intercontinental corporation with infinite funding — your capital being your creative ideas. Your customer is every living being on Planet Earth. They need something from your inner assembly lines every single day. What do you have to offer them?

Still have no clue? Well, let’s dig a bit deeper. If you knew that everyone in the world would see and desire (the demand for what you have to supply) everything you are able to create, what would you spend your time creating? Awesome! Create that!

Once you have your original creation, or the physical extension of what matters most to your soul, you have to decide on a fair monetary value for that intimate expression of yourself. Now, this is the tricky level of selling the value you have to offer to the world: you can’t undersell yourself, or you won’t survive; at the same time, it’s not fair to others to excessively overcharge. So, what’s a beneficial rate for both parties? This varies tremendously on both the value you vow to give and the lifestyle you wish to live.

First, calculate a certain savings that you must reach, for you and your family to be able to live comfortably from your “retirement” date to the time you’re 111 years old (or your guesstimated lifespan).

Ex. I’m 27 years old now, and “retire” at age 30. I plan to live to 111 years of age, so my savings needs to cover 81 years (111 minus 30) of “retirement” or 972 months (81 years times the 12 months in each year); but we’re going to round that figure up to 1,000 months, to keep it simple. Moreover, I believe my family and I would be able to live comfortably off of $3,000/month in savings (assuming real estate and reliable transportation are already secured assets). After multiplying my 1,000 months of future life to the $3,000/month of lifestyle expenditure, I’m presented with a $3,000,000 ($3 million) savings goal. 

Then, divide your savings goal by the number of months you’ll actively be on the front-lines of the workforce.

Ex. If I’m 27 and plan to “retire” by 30, that leaves me with 3 years to secure a $3 million savings — equating to a $1 million income per year, for the next 3 years. 

Now, add up all of your monthly expenses (including the new ones you plan to take on now or in the future) and subtract them by the monthly revenue you realistically plan to work relentlessly to reach.

Ex. Still sticking to our previous examples: Let’s say my monthly expenses add up to $3,000/month, and I need to make about $84,000/month (to surpass my $1 million income per year goal). That means, I have to make $87,000/month to reach my lofty financial goals. 

Once you’ve gotten your monthly income goal figured out, you now have to determine what value you have the ability to create; which will earn you that desired profit or net worth — this number will be different for everyone, for many unique reasons (it doesn’t mean that you or anyone else is a ‘bad’ person for wanting to live this one life, we know of, in a state of constant bliss and happiness).

Ex. Create a business which provides a value that is equal to or greater than your desired net profits. 

As I always say, “Everyone wants to make a million dollars, but how many are actually actively creating million dollar things?” It’s a great question to ask yourself while you’re questioning your current financial situation.

Where’s the Sale?!

Now that you have something to sell, your next two questions may be: where to sell it and who to sell it to? Wherever your largest fan base or audience resides is exactly where you need to start selling. Unfortunately, most social media sites are far more pleasure driven than business — and no one enjoys the company of the salesman at the party. But, do you know what is acceptable at the party? Introduce yourself and what you do, while you informally offer your business card (or website) — if they show the slightest bit of interest.

None of us like those semi-aggressive (or straight up maniacal) social media bloodhounds. On the other hand, we all love the idea of making a new great friend or being introduced to our next best everyday product — neither of which we should expect to blossom in a day. It’s very similar to finding a lover when you think about it. You don’t just drop your pants in public and start humping away at the legs of strangers. You have to introduce yourself and what you do; converse long enough to get to know one another and each other’s subsurface desires; and if those desires match, then you invite them back to your place and go in for the close! It’s not rocket science people.

If you’ve taken the time to focus on the highest quality you could possibly provide, sales may not be a problem for you. Your issues will lie within the maintenance of the streams of abundant income you’ve found. Your best should be reflected in your every creation, for as long as you’re creating. Every product is a piece of you and every hour of service is a large chunk of your invaluable time — look at these truths as such, and it’ll all be worth it.

Return the Favor

Fans make successful people. Without any attention being payed to your creations, the world would never know they exist. Successful people often forget this fact. Yes, you may be the exceptional one with the wide-array of skills, talents, and ideas; however, if no one cares enough to vote for your ascension among the masses with their likes, subscriptions, or dollars no one would ever know about your intangible assets. With that being said, show love where love is given.

The amazing thing is that it doesn’t necessarily have to be in the same form or value as was given to you. People who appreciate you as a person are often times just as grateful for your acknowledgement of their existence alone. Take note from the superstars who momentarily step down from their pedestals, to walk among the same grounds as you and I, in hopes of pulling those of us whom have diligently prepared our crafts up to greater heights.

Never forget where you came from; and if there is no love there, bring it! Inspire those whom are willing to listen; and aim to rejuvenate the hearts of the uninspired. Provide opportunities to those well prepared for them; and design systems to prepare the average student for legitimate opportunities. Leverage your attention; bring value to the world; and live the life you were meant to live, while showing others how to do the same.

I too am working on mastering these 7 steps — which I believe will lead to the life of complete freedom that I’m destined to live. Let’s continue to grow together!

#3CupsOfJoe … Peace. LOVE. Understanding. 

2017 3CupsOfJoe. All rights reserved.


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