Champions Quit Quitting ~ Poem

Champions Quit Quitting by Joe Reid Kirby III

After good days comes bad days,

And after bad days comes good,

Life becomes a lot easier,

When this truth is understood …

This world owes you nothing,

There’s no natural law stating it should …

It’s not out to hurt you,

Although if you’re not careful it could …

It’s not out to help you,

Despite how much you wish that it would …

It simply is …

As you are …

The feet of everywhere you’ve ever stood …

So where are you?

Why are you there?



In a chair …

Or smoking,


And pulling hair …

Feeling the aches of your laughs,

Or the pain of your tears …

Freed by your wonders,

Or shackled by your fears …

Why are you here???

Is it to complain?

To make excuses for your disdain …

To hate whether the sun is too far out,

Or if it suddenly decides to rain …

What is your name?

The one someone loved you enough to give …

The one who cared whether or not your human life was deserving to die or worthy to live …

Are you not imperfect enough to forgive?

Would you rather die free,

Or go imprisoned by a shiv?

Then why on earth have you locked yourself away?

Cutting away at your beautiful mind with such disgusting thoughts …

Lingering around your loses,

Instead of opening your hands to the abundance of opportunity,

And recognizing how much you’ve actually caught …

Realize the value of your breath,

Another life like yours could never be bought …

Will you be remembered as the quitter who quit,

Or the champion who forever fought?

~ Joe Reid Kirby III 6/29/17

2017 3CupsOfJoe. All rights reserved.


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