About Joe

My Motto:
Do what you love & nothing else.

My Message:
Peace. LOVE. Understanding.

My Mission:
Restore true love on this planet by inscribing poetic words on the very crust of this recovering world.

My Story:

Joe Reid Kirby III is an Aboriginal American self-published author, passionate poet, and creative writer. Joe was born and raised in the big city of Houston, Texas — where he’s Daddy to two remarkably beautiful children, Acelan (7) & Anissa (6). Joe recently married the LOVE of his life (and the inspiration to his up-and-coming non-fiction, romance novel, “A True Love Story”), Whitney Kirby, on 11/11/16, in the gorgeous Caribbean country of Paramaribo, Suriname — South America.


Since Joe first picked up a pen, a few summers into the mid 90’s, he’s been a writer. His mother, also an artist and poet, molded him into an avid reader; which soon evolved into a deep passion for writing. Before Joe even knew what poetry was, he’d been writing it — amidst those innumerable sleepless nights that he couldn’t get his brain to slow its’ unstoppable revolutions. Words, along with their individual illustrations, would pour into Joe’s mind, and he’d simply record the out-of-body experiences via writing various raps, poems, and quotes. As a result, Joe was awarded with the Editor’s Choice Award, presented by poetry.com and the International Library of Poetry, in November of 2008.


Over the past 8 years though, writing has been on the back-burner for Joe (reserved for private confirmations to self), as he relentlessly pursued a career in the fitness industry. As a notable Master Body Architect, or certified personal trainer, Joe improved the lives of thousands of health club members and personal training clients throughout the Houston metropolitan area. He’s managed, owned, and operated several big-box gyms, neighborhood fitness facilities, and private training studios; unfortunately, none of those opportunities unfolded his long-term gratification and ultimate ideals of success. Joe has also competed as a Fitness Model within the natural bodybuilding organization, Musclemania (3rd place at 1st show, July 2016 & 2nd place at 2nd show, October 2016); of which he’s achieved Sponsored Athlete status with exceptional affiliates, such as, TotalPhysiques and FitnessModels.com.


In January of 2014, writing made a resounding comeback into the forefront of Joe’s life. Within only a few months, Joe compiled hours of his health and fitness related writings into a comprehensive weightloss guide; which soon became his prized, first self-published book, “Body Blueprint … The Bermuda Triangle of Fat!™” Joe has single-handedly invested in and sold hundreds of copies of his Body Blueprints — as well as intercontinentally in South America.


Fast-forward to 2017, and we meet Joe back in his natural element — the world of literature. Currently, Joe is committed to: writing a minimum of two books this year; professionally competing within the writing arena; and juggling a wide array of creative writing opportunities. He’ll also be spending half of the year within the dense tropical rainforests of Suriname, with his wife; to achieve his desired super-human levels of true peace, love, and understanding.

Follow my journey and grow with me!


Joe Reid Kirby III


What do others have to say about the creative works of JK?

My Wife, Whitney K. ~ “I love every single one of them! I’ve saved them all.”

My Moda, Renecia C. ~ “I couldn’t be prouder of my truly gifted son, Joe R. Kirby III speaking his words/a poem! Talented!!!

Jovorie P. ~ “I just read your post bro. I’m telling you bro, you just don’t know how much I admire you … your love affects people in a positive vibe that flows throughout the body.”

Maliq S. ~ “Just wanted you to know your words about the joy in being a father really touched me and motivated me.”

Jackie M. ~ “I don’t think anyone can read your book and say that it’s not a good book.”

JaVon L. ~ “I love all your poems!! I read them over and over again!

Alicia B. ~ “HE IS THE BEST!

Danielle M. ~ “Just finished reading your book! Wow is all I can say!

Jennifer L. ~ “I love this …. your words are just that! BEAUTIFUL! Thank you for sharing.”

Victoria B. ~ “Wow! Read the poem several times. Hey, I want to be able to buy the first book. Autographed!

Jennifer S. ~ “Beautiful piece you have written.”

Stanley S. ~ “Nicely penned. Great work. A precise message. I was also going west — traveling along where the butterflies were taking you.”