Soon Successful ~ Poem

Soon Successful by Joe Reid Kirby III

Breathing the sweet air …

Knowing you’re moments from getting there …

Whether those moments last a day,

A week,

Or a year …

It’s almost here …

I can feel it …

Destined for greatness …

Disciplined to keep my hand steady …

Even if it may cramp …

Even if it may never work properly again once I’ve finished this …

But I must finish …

Bring reverence upon my family’s name,

But do not forget that I am the same …

Human …

With a balance of being & doing

I ran swiftly through my valley of sobbing & chewing …

Fell off of the gaps,

And played in-between the many mountains,

More times than I’ve ever intentionally attempted to climb …

But I’m ready to climb this one …

Kicked the laziness from my bones,

And created the time …

To train myself up to a value much greater than any dollar,

From a dime …

To conquer this challenge much bigger than I,

And catch the perspectives from higher cliffs,

Looking up to the sky …

Carrying only the water swishing around in my head …

In hopes of watering the dryness of the mountain,

And making something grow,

Or winding up dead …

But I’m willing to die for it …

Many may deny my technique,

But I’m still willing to try for it …

Because none of them have ever attempted this climb …

Many long ago willingly threw away their prime …

While I’ve made the conscious decision to marry mine …

You become a part of anywhere you take a seat,

So remain on your feet …

Otherwise you’re sure to lose the ability of your legs …

There may only be rocks from here,

So gain a great natural grip,

And elevate beyond the practice pegs …

Your passion will never ask,

And purpose never begs,

What makes no sense to the mind,

Listen to the heart instead.

~ Joe Reid Kirby III 7/14/17

2017 3CupsOfJoe. All rights reserved.


A New Day ~ Poem

A New Day by Joe Reid Kirby III

There’s been worse than your worst,

There’ll be better than your best,

You can’t allow life to hold its foot on your chest …

You can allow the weight to squash you,

Or you can squat it and then press,

But only the latter will allow for a great night’s rest …

The time will come where you’re forced to come to grips with who you really are …

Your guess may have been pretty good,

Or off so very far …

Careful though where you deem fit to set the bar …

Too high,

And you may dwarf yourself …

Too low,

And you could never be a star …

Life is the long road ahead,

And your body the car …

Greatness never had the chance to become great,

With a challenge sub-par …

Take your hits like a champion …

Burn as slow as a cigar …

But fill the lungs of others with a breath of fresh air,

Rather than the notorious tar …

Things will get better …

They always do …

Even if this moment,

Right now,

Smells an awful lot like poo …

Stay true …

Push through …

Be more than the who

Know your why

And every day will feel brand new.

~ Joe Reid Kirby III 6/23/17

2017 3CupsOfJoe. All rights reserved.

Full of Greatness ~ Poem

Full of Greatness by Joe Reid Kirby III

Grateful for these eyes that can see so many colors,

Grateful for these ears that can hear so many sounds,

Grateful for these buds that can taste so many flavors,

Grateful for this nose that can smell so many scents,

Grateful for this skin that can feel so many sensations,

Grateful for these lips that can kiss the loves I miss …

I’m simply grateful to exist.

~ Joe Reid Kirby III 6/1/17

2017 3CupsOfJoe. All rights reserved.

Green Gold (Poem)

Green Gold by Joe Reid Kirby III

Burn the paper slow …

Watch it go …

From green,

To red,

To black & white,

After the glow …

On a one seat ride,

To beyond’s front row …

& you know …

You just know that you know …..

Every answer to your questions,

Understanding every meaning to a movie or song,

From the most terrible way he treated her,

To his preference in her favorite thong …

Is it wrong?

To be right …

Or to know when you’re being treated wrong?

Are my thoughts automatically higher than yours,

If my lips just kissed the bong?

Show me one person who doesn’t care about someone,

& I’ll show you why they’re a liar …

Because everyone cares about someone,

& that’s a step in the right direction for this web of a world,

Green gold … take me higher.

~ Joe Reid Kirby III 4/29/17

2017 3CupsOfJoe. All rights reserved.



AnXiety ~ Poem

AnXiety by Joe Reid Kirby III

Anxiety …

Why do you lie to me?

Making up these elaborate stories in my head …

If there was a such thing as a monster,

I’d be it …

And my preference would be on top of the bed …

If I was to die,

I’d already be dead,

So there’s no need to remind me of the anomalies which could occur …

Insuring my demise …

I’d much prefer for my untimely death to be a pleasant surprise …

By the way,

When I’m excited,

You’re not allowed to rise …

Why worry that I’ll lose what I’ve just gained?

Can I just enjoy my time with my prize?

No matter how brief …

There’s no need to grief,

The warrior sells,

It’s only the worrier that buys …

And I’m not buying it,

So stop trying it,

You master thief of truth …

Turning my mind against my body is simply a ploy,

My soul demands to see the proof …

If I am to stop treading on,

Atop this unfamiliar ground,

One thing I need you to understand anxiety,

Is that I hardly ever,

Practically never,

Need you creeping around …

Those grim memories you attempt to cage me in,

Isn’t somewhere I choose to live …

I’m here now …

Safe & happy,

With this present Love has chosen to give.

~ Joe Reid Kirby III 4/24/17

2017 3CupsOfJoe. All rights reserved.

Making More Memories in Bersaba (Video + Poem) ~ #3CupsOfJoe Show: Episode 6

“Freer than I’ve ever been … something that you’ve never been.” ~ 6LACK

The caged bird has no idea what freedom is, until it experiences life outside of the cage; and here I am … out of my cage. Free to fly! I’ve chosen to fly so high. Watch the way the sky flips me as I soar by.

You Are. ~ Spoken Word Poetry by Joe Reid Kirby III

You are the space,
You are the state of being,
Where the villages of joy and happiness live,
You are the light captured on film,
The heat mapped on the radar,
Perceptions reflect the many scenes of your life,
Upon the mirrors of your memories,
You are the time which separates beginnings from infinities.

~ Joe Reid Kirby III 3/20/17

My Motto: Do what you LOVE and nothing else.

My Message: #3CupsOfJoe … Peace. LOVE. Understanding.

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TODAY (Poem)

TODAY by Joe Reid Kirby III

Be content with what is here before you now,

Cease filling your mind with content,

Material things …

You are not a thing,

You are a being,

So be here …

Right here,

Right now,

Look around you …

Feel the air that surrounds you …

Soak up the energy of the sun,

Do only what you feel is fun!

Today …

Be here today …

Out of your mind,

And in your heart,

Even a child can tell the two apart …

Every waking day is a new start,

A new adventure for the mind,

A greater journey for the heart,

Exploring everything of interest that you see,

Going everywhere you feel you both want and need to be,

Operating out of equal parts of logic and love,

One with what’s before you,

Only the opinions of someone you love can detour you,

And maybe not even then …

In a pitch-black room alone you are still with a really good friend …

Your Self.

~ Joe Reid Kirby III 3/20/17

2017 3CupsOfJoe. All rights reserved.


2 AM in Beautiful

2 AM in Beautiful by Joe Reid Kirby III

The frogs are obviously having a party tonight,

In the field just aside my window,

Croaking away,

Drunk from the gallons of fresh rainwater,

Shared by the rainforests all day …

The crickets, grasshoppers, and other small friends are chiming in too,

Adding to the background music of nature,

So soothing to the soul …

How beautiful it is to be a poet in this present moment,

Aware of the natural songs which surround us,

Able to capture this snippet in time,

And share it with another curious mind,

Welcome to Beautiful …

It is a place,

And this is it …

Beautiful extends from here to there,

Here atop the continent of South America,

To wherever there may be,

Your energy alone multiplies this existence,

The greater home of you and me,

Witness the other side of the windows to the soul,

The eyes are but the windows of this home,

It’s the Being inside that’s actually looking through them to see.

~ Joe Reid Kirby III 3/10/17

2017 3CupsOfJoe. All rights reserved.

Bad Food (Written + Spoken Word Poem)

Bad Food by Joe Reid Kirby III

Skewed down through the meat,

Right down to the bone,

Blood stream injected with toxic elements unknown,

Chemical reactions bursting through the rivers of the body,

Curling waves of yellowish foam,

Invaders reeking havoc on what has forever been home,

One of the primary muscles,

Being the brain,

Tenses up tight,

Clinching nerve beginnings,

Releasing suicidal warriors to their endings,

Prepared to fight,

Intercepted mid-course by the crush of another wave,

Shaken by the responders discourse and the enemies utter refusal to behave,

A heat-wave ensues through climate modification,

Immediate action telephoned through the sublevels of concentration,

Sirens blare,

While the nature of alien life-forms is made bare,

Biochemical combat knows not any rules that are fair,

Truth or dare?

As the chambers of a heart of steel is loaded,

With decisions,

Each having their own sleeves unfolded,

One cylinder left unstuffed,

The void,

The neutral zone,

The category that has chosen to be left alone,

And not shot by a shot,

Aiming right for your head,

Leaving you dead,

Or unable to remember that you’re not.

~ Joe Reid Kirby III 12/28/16

2017 3CupsOfJoe. All rights reserved.

Days in Suriname

Days in Suriname by Joe Reid Kirby III

The time doesn’t change here …

Nearly every day it rains,

A forth as often as the sun shines,

And does it shine …

You’re sprayed daily with a tropical tan through the window,

The plants are constantly encouraged to grow,

All everything in these parts seem to know is life …

And you’re free to live it however fast or slow,

The birds put on an hourly show,

The roosters perfect their ambient crow,

The reptiles pay the humans no mind,

They simply bypass the obstacles and continue to go,

And you’ve never seen the stars shine with such a glow,

On a clear night you’d swear you could touch them,


You could hold them …


Reach your arms out and stand on the tips of your toe,

As long as your mood is high they’ll seem so low.

~ Joe Reid Kirby III 3/7/17

2017 3CupsOfJoe. All rights reserved.