AnXiety ~ Poem

AnXiety by Joe Reid Kirby III

Anxiety …

Why do you lie to me?

Making up these elaborate stories in my head …

If there was a such thing as a monster,

I’d be it …

And my preference would be on top of the bed …

If I was to die,

I’d already be dead,

So there’s no need to remind me of the anomalies which could occur …

Insuring my demise …

I’d much prefer for my untimely death to be a pleasant surprise …

By the way,

When I’m excited,

You’re not allowed to rise …

Why worry that I’ll lose what I’ve just gained?

Can I just enjoy my time with my prize?

No matter how brief …

There’s no need to grief,

The warrior sells,

It’s only the worrier that buys …

And I’m not buying it,

So stop trying it,

You master thief of truth …

Turning my mind against my body is simply a ploy,

My soul demands to see the proof …

If I am to stop treading on,

Atop this unfamiliar ground,

One thing I need you to understand anxiety,

Is that I hardly ever,

Practically never,

Need you creeping around …

Those grim memories you attempt to cage me in,

Isn’t somewhere I choose to live …

I’m here now …

Safe & happy,

With this present Love has chosen to give.

~ Joe Reid Kirby III 4/24/17

2017 3CupsOfJoe. All rights reserved.


Life Catcher’s

Life Catcher’s by Joe Reid Kirby III

How worthless it is to run from life,
To shy away from understanding,
Unconscious to the teachings life has to offer,
& wisdom,
It is reaching out & personally handing,
Though catching lightning bolts could often times seem scary,
But imagine the pure sense of joy in catching one in your bare hands,
Wrapping it around your left ring finger,
& deciding that feeling to marry,
The thought alone is hard to carry …
Especially in a 3 pound brain,
Anxiety over committing to life …
Without envisioning ball & chain,
All an illusion boxing your mind,
Programming your character’s channels,
Handing over your remote control to others to handle,
& quite possibly scramble,
Instead of writing your own words on the land,
With every stride your legs make & location you stand,
Life Catcher’s …
Catching life by the hand,
Swinging with it in indigenous forests of fun,
Decorated with bioluminescent ornaments with heartbeats,
Those who can look up & see their own feet,
Or look down & see their head,
One with the middle-path of all living beings,
Awareness to the stories in every book,
Every body longing only to be read,
But you must be open to sharing your story,
You harness words that need to be said,
No one though will ever read your mind,
If you fail to plant it in Earth’s garden,
Where rare seeds & fertile soils bed,
& the slightly salted water borrowed from the wells of sadness & laughter,
Soften all that has hardened.

~ Joe Reid Kirby III 2/3/17


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© 2017 3CupsOfJoe. All rights reserved.