Mirror Minded (Classic Poem)

Mirror Minded by Joe Reid Kirby III

People please look into yourself,
Look at your lifestyle,
Look at how your surroundings have affected you,
Infected you,
No longer you,
Your mind infested with unproductive thoughts,
I say “your,”
But I am too in the same boat,
However I admit my being lost from the shores of myself,
I swore up and down I didn’t need help,
But I wasn’t myself,
And after 20 years on this planet I have just realized,
Just now opened my eyes,
I looked in the mirror,
I didn’t see myself,
I saw what this world wanted me to be,
And what my environment made me out to be,
I have began to look for myself,
And along my trail of not back-tracking,
But researching my history,
I have found the pieces of me that have weathered away over the years,
I still find new pieces day by day,
For I am far from a perfect man,
And trying to find these pieces in a world of sand,
Makes it even harder to see my plan,
Yeah I was the truth,
But now I am real,
Yeah I didn’t change for anyone,
But now I don’t even have to claim not having to,
Yeah I knew everything,
But after finding out I knew a small bit of nothing,
I search for answers to what I don’t know or have questions about,
If only the world,
This world,
Were filled with people whom truly know themselves,
No front would have to be put on for anyone,
There would be no need to fit in,
No one would be lost,
Because we’d all be found,
Within ourselves,
Behind those eyelids,
And under that skin,
Who are you?
How can you find you?
What is your purpose here?
Where will you go when you expire from here?
When will you find the truth, your truth, your being?
All questions we should ask ourselves on a daily basis,
And live by,
For if you are not living,
Then you are dying,
And if you are dying,
How long will you be living?
Live each day like your last,
Don’t be afraid of your past,
Use it and your knowledge to head for your brightest future at full blast!

~ Joe Reid Kirby III 5/7/10


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