Champions Quit Quitting ~ Poem

Champions Quit Quitting by Joe Reid Kirby III

After good days comes bad days,

And after bad days comes good,

Life becomes a lot easier,

When this truth is understood …

This world owes you nothing,

There’s no natural law stating it should …

It’s not out to hurt you,

Although if you’re not careful it could …

It’s not out to help you,

Despite how much you wish that it would …

It simply is …

As you are …

The feet of everywhere you’ve ever stood …

So where are you?

Why are you there?



In a chair …

Or smoking,


And pulling hair …

Feeling the aches of your laughs,

Or the pain of your tears …

Freed by your wonders,

Or shackled by your fears …

Why are you here???

Is it to complain?

To make excuses for your disdain …

To hate whether the sun is too far out,

Or if it suddenly decides to rain …

What is your name?

The one someone loved you enough to give …

The one who cared whether or not your human life was deserving to die or worthy to live …

Are you not imperfect enough to forgive?

Would you rather die free,

Or go imprisoned by a shiv?

Then why on earth have you locked yourself away?

Cutting away at your beautiful mind with such disgusting thoughts …

Lingering around your loses,

Instead of opening your hands to the abundance of opportunity,

And recognizing how much you’ve actually caught …

Realize the value of your breath,

Another life like yours could never be bought …

Will you be remembered as the quitter who quit,

Or the champion who forever fought?

~ Joe Reid Kirby III 6/29/17

2017 3CupsOfJoe. All rights reserved.


Why My Religion is the Best! ~ Deep Article

Why My Religion is the Best! by Joe Reid Kirby III


Check Your Ego at the Still Open Door

I’m sure your ego brought most of you here, in hopes that the best religion I speak of is the one that you belong to … Well, allow me to deflate that excitement from the jump, and not lead you on to reading the rest of my words simply because you assume that I’m referring to Christianity, The Nation of Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, or any other religious entity. Although all of those religions contain timeless, inspirational stories of many of the wisest philosophies and practices of truth, my religion embodies all religions both known and unknown in the world.


My Religion is L_O_ & Here’s Why … 

So what is this all-encompassing religion of all religions I speak of? LOVE. It’s one of the most popular underlying topics of every holy book ever written. It’s the primary teaching from the lips of every beloved messiah or prophet. It is the reason I believe we exist!

Think about it … why are you here? Today. Why? Because you want to be! Because you like the refreshing flow of oxygen through your lungs. You enjoy the benefits of the beating heart in your chest. You’re thankful for being alive, even if you don’t know why sometimes. Don’t lie to yourself. You could remove yourself from this world today if you really wanted to. You have that power. Life was given to you and then put into your hands. You were infused with an abundant source of energy by your biological parents, but you do not even belong to them. You belong to you!


Do you believe in God?

“So if your religion is LOVE, do you still believe in God?” To me, God is LOVE. Man found it necessary to make God like himself; and so, gave LOVE a gender and a face. But oh how we have forgotten that LOVE is formless and omnipresent.

Many men were inspired to write the words of the greater power expressing itself effortlessly through them. That same Divine Energy, which spoke to them from within, is the exact same voice that LOVE chooses to communicate with each of us in — through our conscious (thoughts) and subconscious (memories/dreams) minds. You can hear it right now can’t you? The voice that guides your steps throughout the day. The sound that inspires your creativity. The inner language separate from our own. We only need our brains to send and receive frequencies from this higher power. Our hearts instinctively recognize the vibrations of what is right or wrong. Our mouths are only necessary in our lower levels of consciousness.


Talk to Your Self Lately?

No doubt, the men who’ve infamously penned the holy book of which you’ve dedicated your life to, were madly in LOVE with something or someone; and fearlessly shared their intercepted messages out of LOVE for that. However, those same messages which those men received back then, are still being relayed and responded to by each of us, every single day — whether you’re consciously aware of that fact or not.

You have a story to tell too, don’t you? You’re growing and evolving your understanding of the world and everything in it with each new birthday you’re blessed to celebrate. Right? Hopefully.

And here we are, with our life in our hands, waiting and hoping for someone greater than ourselves to come down from the heavens and save us from ourselves. Many of us never come to realize, even in an entire lifetime, that it is our Self which is greater than us.

Have you never had to get still for a moment and have a good, serious talk with your Self? Our highest Self descends down from the cotton clouds every waking hour, to assist our human flesh in any way it can. The problem is, we hardly ever entrust our Selves with that responsibility and truly allow it to step in to help.


Got Soul?

What is this higher Self I speak of? It’s your Soul — who you authentically are, beyond your family name, wildest human imaginations, and the identity or title you cast out in front of the world to disguise your Self. Your Soul is also as formless and immortal as its parents, LO & VE; and so, you will return to them, once you successfully crack the shell of human form.

The Soul is here to be, hence the ‘being’ behind the human. It watches from the darkness in your eyes and rests in the chambers of your heart. Once called upon, the Soul releases its intense energies through the glands of our endocrine system; to insure that we act accordingly, in order to fulfill our purpose in this form, before we shed our skins and fly back wiser than ever from whence we came — to the Source of All Love.


The Key to The Life

The key is to unlock the chambers of your heart with the bitting cuts of Self Awareness, to unleash the atomic energy of the Soul! Then, you will experience the beautiful life of actuality (enlightenment) and its frequently updated library of truths.

You will soon see that it is LOVE which connects every living being on this planet. It is the LOVE of anything which brings us together. Your best work (& cooking) will be created out of LOVE. You will feel the effects of LOVE from those who simply recognize your existence, and will be encouraged to share those sensations. Each of us make up equal parts of LOVE’s whole.


A World Without My Religion

Still not convinced that my religion is the best one for me? Imagine having everything in this world except LOVE … No LOVE for this. No LOVE for that. No one to LOVE. And no one to be LOVED by. Sounds like a pretty sad life, right?

Now, imagine a world without your religion … I’ll give you a second to ponder on that.

I choose to serve the highest known forces, and what could be any higher than LOVE? This is why I’m making my personal religion known to my peers and am inviting every Soul of which my words come into contact with to join me in practicing its life-altering disciplines — to LOVE and be LOVEABLE.


P.S. I respect all religious perspectives. Whatever makes someone a better human being, I’m all for it! What I’m not fond of is people pushing their limited perspectives on me. I’m here to tell you that it’s okay to pray, praise, and preach in your own unique way. If your religion isn’t making you a better person however, I’d highly suggest looking within for your truths. Having a religion doesn’t make you a good person, nor does not having a religion make anyone a bad person. You were born with a warm heart and no instruction manual … the challenge is maintaining the hearts’ perfect temperature as you evoke the numerous emotions of your life’s experiences and write the notes of your song on the stars.

~ Joe Reid Kirby III 6/14/17


Manifesto: Inspire Unconditional Love.


Message: #3CupsOfJoe … Peace. LOVE. Understanding.

Are You Lazy? No You’re Not.

Are You Lazy? No You’re Not. by Joe Reid Kirby III

Long story short, if it’s not something you love, you’re not going to stick to it. Laziness and unhappiness can only exist when you’re doing what you don’t actually want to do. If you’re doing what you love and nothing else, on the other hand, you’ll never feel lazy and will always be happy to do whatever needs to be done to complete the task at hand.

Ever notice how the hours fly by when you’re doing something you love? That state where hours feel like minutes and minutes feel like seconds is precisely where happiness lives. You don’t live there though do you?

Instead, you live at a dead-end job that gives you anxiety from the time you open your eyes in the morning to the time you’re scheduled to clock-in. Once you’ve clocked-in; sucked down as many cups of coffee, or other heavily caffeinated alternatives, as possible; and wasted as many first-hour minutes as you could, before you actually begin a sad combination of ‘working’ and playing hide-and-go-seek with your supervisor; you neglectfully trade-in an average of 6 to 8 hours of your life daily for green-stamped pieces of paper. Can you see why there’s no happiness there?

Many devote their entire young-adulthood to schooling set out to mold them into the mass-producing, corporate-owned machines they are to become. Those who are finding it nearly impossible to muster up the energy to complete career-irrelevant projects; or climbing mountains of research which they’ll soon find that there’s no use for, once they’re in the real-world-field; have the audacity to label themselves as ‘lazy.’

Others spend their days half-assing daunting chores and tasks which could easily be delegated to a more time and energy efficient individual — whom finds those said chores or tasks both delightful and fulfilling.

Have you ever found yourself being lazy doing something you love to do? I didn’t think so. How about ever being unhappy while doing what you love to do? I’m not sure that’s possible either.

We’ve fallen victim to the idiotic ideology that we must do things that we don’t want to do, to have things that we want to have. This illusive imagery of the American Dream, passed-down from generation to generation, has deceived us all. The idea that we are to sit down, shut up, and follow the set rules of those outside of ourselves is simply lunacy. How do we ever expect to find excitement and happiness in that way of living? Real life is on the other side though: standing up, speaking up, and following your heart! If this isn’t how you’ve been living your life, there’s no better time than now to start!

First, we must establish what you love to do, as it is the only thing you see worth doing. What do you love to do? Do you love to write? Do you love to cook? Do you love to travel? Do you love spending time with your children? Well, that’s all you should be doing. Still sound too difficult? Okay, let’s go a bit deeper. If money, and everything related to it, was of no concern, how would you be spending your days? Hold that thought.

Going a little off topic briefly (no worries, I’ll be swinging it back around to my point), which celebrity do you admire most?


Now what does that person do for a living?


Do you think he/she spends any of their time doing anything they don’t want to do?

My point exactly.

We tend to place celebrities upon this podium of heights impossible to reach. On the contrary, we must understand how that individual operates throughout their day. Those whom have achieved the highest levels of their field didn’t do so by wasting precious hours doing things they don’t enjoy. Even those with incredible gifts and talents did not just wake up one day and automatically get promoted to their unbelievable level of success. These people work day-in and day-out only doing and perfecting what they love. They don’t even feel the 12 to 22 hours a day dedicated to their craft. Sometimes they even forget to eat; and the only breaks they take are to the bathroom. Have you ever been so fully immersed in doing what you love to do?

Let me be clear, for those who still don’t get-it. You were not born a “human-doer,” you were born a human-being. You’re here to be you. Simple as that. Governments, religion, and society have all over-complicated that truth. You are not lazy. You were designed only to do what you love to do. Your automatic response as a human-being, when it comes to doing things you find no joy in, will be to not desire to do it. Therefore, your happiness is hidden in all of the things you love to do. Do you want to be happy? Then, do what you love and nothing else.

2017 3CupsOfJoe. All rights reserved.

What’s Your Purpose?

What’s Your Purpose? by Joe Reid Kirby III

We’re so busy doing,

Never having time for being,

Not taking seriously the fact that we are not human ‘doers,’

We are human beings

What is the rainforest without the rain?

The butterfly without the ability to fly?

Something wonderful without the wonder?

Life can be lived on purpose,

Or as a blunder …

Did you mean to be here?

Did you mean to work there?

Was it not certain that you should be with the one you’re with?

Or are you just talking?

Fearful of putting legs on your purpose and walking …

Too loud to ever hear …

Distractions are the only distortions to seeing clear …

For your purpose is to remember that you’re here on purpose,

Your being yourself is your purpose,

Your life is no accident.

~ Joe Reid Kirby III 3/20/17

2017 3CupsOfJoe. All rights reserved.


In This Emotion Called LOVE

In This Emotion Called LOVE by Joe Reid Kirby III

Love is the ultimate savior,

And the greatest evol,

It is both the biggest problem,

And the best solution,

It is the hero,

Along with the villain,

And the destination of its’ vessels,

Depend solely on the coordinates of its’ inner compass,

The magnetics of the world seem to be discombobulating the directions,

Every body on this planet is full of this precious substance called love,

They’re just unaware and ill informed on exactly where to point it,

And focus its’ infinite energy,

Everyone’s in it for the inner me,

Turning all else into the enemy …

In this emotion called LOVE …

With this deity named Love …

Whom pulls the strings of the heart,

Playing Her violin wires ever so gently,

Careful not to tear it apart,

Though She ripped through the wings of Cupid himself,

Dodging his barrage of arrows,

And ending him with the single flick of a dart,

An alien power far off the charts,

Still we claim to know how to use it,

A nuclear power,

We choose to abuse it,

Slowly destroying ourselves,

As it radiates through humanities realms,

Tying this anchor-less feeling to things,

Trying to configure what it all means,

And here it is,

And so it seems,

That you cannot tie a raging monster to beams,

Nor to roots,

It’ll surely rip the seams,

And burst right out of anything …

Any cage,

Or box,

Or galactic rings,

Time itself stops when Her inner voice sings,

And Her melodies pull on the minds of all human beings,

Causing hallucinations of what you think you’re seeing,

Love is the red curtain separating the real from reality,

Dissecting the actual from actuality,

Illusions and mirages are but mirrors in the mind,

The hopes and dreams of this unicorn named Happiness,

Every person on this damned planet is hoping to find,

Unlearn the seasons,

Now tell me what do you feel?

Lose your conditions and reasons,

And relentlessly study what’s real,

Love not these light molecules that make up all ‘existing’ things,

Be in love and harmony with the dark matter and energy of all of the souls of living beings.

~ Joe Reid Kirby III 9/23/16

2017 3CupsOfJoe. All rights reserved.


Ever Wonder What’s Going On With YOU?

Ever Wonder What’s Going On With You? by Joe Reid Kirby III

“What’s going on with me?”

“Why did I react that way?”

“I should’ve said this …”

“I should’ve done that …”

       We tend to keep all of the ‘wrong’ questions and concerns infinitely looping in our minds. Suppressing our true emotions has grown staggeringly popular within these last couple of decades. A slightly different emoticon face is preselected for every event:

We have our work face — that: don’t bother me, awkward look; with a hint of “the thinker.” We have our family face — the: nothing’s wrong so don’t ask me anything remotely related to me; and let’s just talk (or argue) about something ridiculously unimportant to pass time, favorite. We have our: ‘pretend I’m sleeping’ or ‘in the middle of the next greatest discovery’ face for our children; to get out of giving them the love they desire at that moment. And, let’s not forget about our: “don’t look at me; don’t talk to me; let’s just pretend I’m not even here” face that we proudly parade around in in-public.

Is that you?

Who are you?

What are you going through?

        When was the last time you’ve sat down and checked on yourself? How’s your mind doing? Is your heart in the right place? When is the last time you’ve seen your true Self — the One without a face?

Even the lyrics of our music today can only find the words for other people, places, and things. Remember when artists used to convey a spot-on message through the transparent expression of their most tragic or tremendous experiences? There was once a time where stories were more interesting than news. Now though, the majority seem to enjoy the heat of reds over the intensity in blues.

Are you okay? You do know that it is okay to not be okay, right? The human body can only hold so much, although its’ storage capabilities are remarkable; but we must remember that what goes up must come down, and what goes in must come out. So what is your outlet? Even an ocean has rivers and streams. The rivers are the means of transferring what you productively create. The streams bring the incoming proceeds of your creations.

What have you created lately? Ah, you have no such gifts to create with. Sure, you may not be a painter, poet, dancer, singer, or filmmaker … but I’m sure you’re a mother, father, cook, cleaner, or dreamer — and what a gift those are! So, I ask you again, “what have you created lately?”

The problem is not that you have a problem, it’s that you ignore yourself — that inner-most voice that you know is you. That voice has been trying to tell you something hasn’t it? Why have you been ignoring it? Go to a quiet place. Sit still for a moment. Listen to yourself. What are YOU saying? After all this time of being ignored, you’re probably screaming. What is your soul crying for? If you’re not here to live, obviously you have something worth dying for. What is all of this trying for? You’re a being. A human being. Why did you get that privilege? Why are you not an ant instead? You think you are though … you think you’re so small, and your life seems to revolve around your bed.

To the eyes of this world you may be an ant; and you’re free to live this life as one. Or, you can choose to live free. Cut the strings you’ve stapled to your skin and tied the ends to emotional boulders guilty of weighing you down. The ones attached to your arms are the inhibitions that arrest you. The stringing of your legs are lassoed by fear. Your torso is being pulled by the gluttony of your terrible eating habits. The cord of hate will soon rip a heart-shaped hole in your chest. The line of doubt around your neck is sure to hang you if you fall. Each strand of your hair braided with threads of anxiety, stress, and depression. You’ve set yourself up for failure by attaching yourself to these things. Life seems a lot safer with strings attached, but you won’t make it very far. And your best life seems to be so far off in the distance. Can you see that you’ll never make it there though with those strings attached?

You may not be fully responsible for attaching these things to your life; however, you are in full control of detaching yourself from those things. You’ll never know though which strings are puppeteering your actions, if you never take the time to consciously examine yourself. And this is where it gets deep … Your mind is made up of memories, experiences, and emotions. Of course we enjoy to divulge only the greatness of those big three; unfortunately, it is more-so not the ‘happiest’ of those parts which make us whole. Lessons are most often taught in moments of despair. The secrets you’ll die with; embarrassing flashbacks; and any near-death experiences you’ve encountered can’t even slightly compare to our ancient ancestors times of the complete absence of hope.

The emotions of many generations before you have automatically been passed down to you. Your strongest feelings are generated by the genes you now wear, at a subatomic level, within your DNA. Your great-great grandmothers’ greatest fears or super-great uncles’ greatest hopes have been buried deep inside you. A fine portion of those voices in your head are your ancestors; and if your emotions become identical to theirs (even for a second), you subconsciously activate those answers that they have to share — from their library of memories and experiences. You had no idea you were so great did you?

The great thing about you though, is that you have the unalienable right to decide which thoughts to think; which feelings to feel; and which emotions to put in motion. The secret is in learning yourself and locating those on and off buttons throughout your body. How fun! There’s information inside of you that no ancestral site could find. Mountains of intellectual property and blueprints to a happy, fulfilled life camouflage themselves with the background of the only line that can truly make a difference — your bloodline. And even still, that’s only about a third of who you actually are.

Your personal experiences and memories make up the remainder of your being. What are you experiencing? What can you remember? You are what you put in (or what is being put in). Everything that interacts with your senses transforms into your common sense (which is why many who do not take the time to know themselves, or study what their mind is being fed, seem to have none). So what’s going on with you? What’s ‘on’ in you will ultimately determine where you’re going.

2017 3CupsOfJoe. All rights reserved.

Doneness (Motivational Poem)

Doneness by Joe Reid Kirby III

The best things on the menu often take the longest to prepare,

Knowing what one wants is the first part,

But not understanding proper cook time is an ignorance one shouldn’t dare,

To be “done” is to be ready,

So are we there yet?

You’re done with this,

You’re done with that,

And suddenly all that you’ve ever wanted is there …

Right before your very eyes,

Undeniably prepared to please,

Not tease …

Exactly how you’ve pictured it …

It’s allure makes you salivate,

And the pleasure of satisfaction immediately intoxicates …

You savor every second of the moment,

Every tingle of the senses,

Both physical and spiritual,

Only to realize that it wasn’t until you were “done” that you were completely ready to receive it.

~ Joe Reid Kirby III 6/11/14

2017 3CupsOfJoe. All rights reserved.


Days in Suriname

Days in Suriname by Joe Reid Kirby III

The time doesn’t change here …

Nearly every day it rains,

A forth as often as the sun shines,

And does it shine …

You’re sprayed daily with a tropical tan through the window,

The plants are constantly encouraged to grow,

All everything in these parts seem to know is life …

And you’re free to live it however fast or slow,

The birds put on an hourly show,

The roosters perfect their ambient crow,

The reptiles pay the humans no mind,

They simply bypass the obstacles and continue to go,

And you’ve never seen the stars shine with such a glow,

On a clear night you’d swear you could touch them,


You could hold them …


Reach your arms out and stand on the tips of your toe,

As long as your mood is high they’ll seem so low.

~ Joe Reid Kirby III 3/7/17

2017 3CupsOfJoe. All rights reserved.


How DEEP does your life go? (Written + Spoken Word Poem)

How DEEP Does Your Life Go? by Joe Reid Kirby III

First, it was the television to take your eyeballs,
Then, the computer borrowed them for a while,
Now, it’s the cellphones which hold them hostage,
Soon, it’ll be another type of smoke-screen …
Shielding your eyes from the sights to be seen …
Leaching your mind of the electricity inside you,
Conducted in your body through every move you make,
Every breath you take,
And every neuron that chooses to cooperate,
In the symphony anthem of this movement,
For that moment,
In-tune with every organ,
Harmonizing with every gland,
Yet, you choose to put the trust in every made of man …
And not make use of your own protons and electrons,
To catch the currents of electricity running through your veins,
Creating lightening bolts,
Crashing through your limbs,
Projecting pictures cast from the eye of the third …
Of your every memory of your ever time in this multiverse,
Of multidimensional symmetrical parts of every kind of light and darkness,
Remote controlling every pre’our’storic truth,
From multiple perspectives of infinite perspective channels,
Raining down geometrical gumdrops,
Cream-filled with libraries of ancient wisdom,
Activating the thick, intertwined neon-light strands of dormant DNA,
Wasting the sounds in the pages,
Of volumes of books,
Trying to communicate what could be compiled and compacted into a single verse …..
How deep does your life go?
Here …
Now …
Before and after …
Our life is in tears and laughter.

~ Joe Reid Kirby III 12/26/16

2017 3CupsOfJoe. All rights reserved.

The Map To Your TREASURE

The Map to Your TREASURE by Joe Reid Kirby III

Balanced on the anchor at the deepest depth of your soul,

Wondering into the darkness of all you’ve ever consciously and subconsciously known,

There are no artificial frequencies that can reach these depths,

No internet,

No phone,

This is where you meet YOU alone,

These underpopulated ocean floors are their greatest fears,

But oh the treasures you may bring to light,

Everything else has already been stolen,

All things that have come to human sight,

Yet no one can see your thoughts down here,

Many find it hard to even breathe,

But you’ve trained your lungs to encapsulate the bubbles,

So the oxygen within them you freely receive,

This is what you’ve trained for,

Long and hard,

Living a life coated by the material-disease,

Your hours limited to a few paper dollars,

And your health run down with such ease,

You chose not to go in today though,

Instead you’re diving deep,

Down to the bottom of the bottom of this,

Far away from all of the sheep,

No man-made tools to weigh you down,

Even gravity must take a backseat,

Feel your toes in the black sands of the rocky bottoms,

Trust the intuition in your feet,

Walk over to the spot you were destined to discover,

Your greatest gift …

Be prepared to meet …

Your natural, waterproof night-vision will help you to see,

And the GPS within your third-eye will let your body know where to be,

Fear not the blackness of the water and the sands,

Believe in the energy that magnetizes your spirit,

And harmonizes your human glands,

Now dig …

Dig deep …

Like a lions’ instinct to fresh meat,

Feel the clumps of blackened clay submit to your clasping hands,

Appreciate its’ unique texture and agreement to yield,

It understands the innumerable obstacles you’ve faced in the field,

And it has decided not to be another,

What a gracious brother …

Behold this great hole you’ve dug beneath the ocean,

A moment no one else knows exists,

Holding firm to the faith that you will find your treasure,

Impatience will not cause you to miss,

For you are at peace in this picture,

Framed in the Great Gallery,

Displaying all master-peaces of your greatest memories,

Dig …

And as you continue to do so,

The hole will begin to dig itself,

It would not be wise to disturb this help,

Dig …

And once you’ve dug what seems to be your own grave,

Look up from it and appreciate all that life has given and gave,

For your bed is now made,

And one day you must lie in it,

But today is not that day,

Dig past the depths of death the old owls say,

Observe this miracle …

You’ve found your way …

It’s always LOVE at first touch,

When you meet your Soul,

And you feel so young,

Once you see how old,

The waters become mighty warm,

When you experience what’s cold,

Only muttering the sweetest sounds,

Filled with supreme truths and told,

Shared not with a voice outside of my own head,

But I know,

You will know,

They’re a flawlessly-written book,

So easily read …

The mind has no trouble digesting every word spoken,

Though unsaid,

Every question immediately answered,

Faster than you may think it,

It has already come and fled,

This is you …

Outside of your flesh …

The impenetrable energy that can’t be bled,

Letting off immense rays of abundant LOVE and joy,

Every starving cell of your physical structure being fed,

Only now do you know what it’s like to be full,

Every level of yourself operating at a hundred percent,

And the Soul asks not for any percentage in return,

What does Eternal Energy need with a rent?

It only requests that you stand and you LIVE,

Not bow and repent,

The heavens inside you house that from which this perfection we’ve named “treasure” was sent.

~ Joe Reid Kirby III 1/11/17

2017 3CupsOfJoe. All rights reserved.