Intrinsic Instinct

Intrinsic Instinct by Joe Reid Kirby III

Light …
Like running on the ocean floor,
Deep …
Like the wounds fossilized by blood & gore,
Reap …
Giving so much to the world,
It’s striking you sore,
Because it keeps asking for more,
But you consciously know what you’re doing this for,
Even if you’re the only one that knows …
& where there is less speech,
True intentions,
Being action,
Shows …
For eyes that have been in the darkness for so long,
Once you climb out of the hole,
Everything glows …
Where there is nature,
Allowed to nurture,
Everything grows …
Only after you’ve listened to the body,
& trained the brain,
Can the soul do what it already actually knows.

~ Joe Reid Kirby III 2/10/17


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