In This Emotion Called LOVE

In This Emotion Called LOVE by Joe Reid Kirby III

Love is the ultimate savior,

And the greatest evol,

It is both the biggest problem,

And the best solution,

It is the hero,

Along with the villain,

And the destination of its’ vessels,

Depend solely on the coordinates of its’ inner compass,

The magnetics of the world seem to be discombobulating the directions,

Every body on this planet is full of this precious substance called love,

They’re just unaware and ill informed on exactly where to point it,

And focus its’ infinite energy,

Everyone’s in it for the inner me,

Turning all else into the enemy …

In this emotion called LOVE …

With this deity named Love …

Whom pulls the strings of the heart,

Playing Her violin wires ever so gently,

Careful not to tear it apart,

Though She ripped through the wings of Cupid himself,

Dodging his barrage of arrows,

And ending him with the single flick of a dart,

An alien power far off the charts,

Still we claim to know how to use it,

A nuclear power,

We choose to abuse it,

Slowly destroying ourselves,

As it radiates through humanities realms,

Tying this anchor-less feeling to things,

Trying to configure what it all means,

And here it is,

And so it seems,

That you cannot tie a raging monster to beams,

Nor to roots,

It’ll surely rip the seams,

And burst right out of anything …

Any cage,

Or box,

Or galactic rings,

Time itself stops when Her inner voice sings,

And Her melodies pull on the minds of all human beings,

Causing hallucinations of what you think you’re seeing,

Love is the red curtain separating the real from reality,

Dissecting the actual from actuality,

Illusions and mirages are but mirrors in the mind,

The hopes and dreams of this unicorn named Happiness,

Every person on this damned planet is hoping to find,

Unlearn the seasons,

Now tell me what do you feel?

Lose your conditions and reasons,

And relentlessly study what’s real,

Love not these light molecules that make up all ‘existing’ things,

Be in love and harmony with the dark matter and energy of all of the souls of living beings.

~ Joe Reid Kirby III 9/23/16

2017 3CupsOfJoe. All rights reserved.




I LOVE YOU! by Joe Reid Kirby III

Have you never known love?

Has your mother never kissed you?

Has your father never held you?

Has your child never tickled your ears with those three magical words?



So you are familiar with this feeling that I feel,

With this healing set out to heal,

With this dealing no hand could deal,

Can you see me?

I ask because I feel invisible to the world,

Invincible to all lemons that life has to hurl,

Investing in every molecule of this most remarkable girl,

This woman …

Oh what a woman,

I can’t help but admit, “I LOVE YOU!”

After every paragraph of dialogue that I say,

For it is YOU that harvests life,

From the deepest,

Most daunting morsels of me,

Look at that breath you just took,

That look you just looked,

Your every word … the most penetrating notes of an exuberant musical key,

And so you see,


Like the force that molded the heavens,

Causing the ambrosia fruits to sprout,

Among the lush greens and paradise blues,

The energy that makes no one better than two’s,

It’s you and I …

From this spot we stand,

Far beyond the sky,


Is only a short description of how I feel …

I plan to spend the rest of my time passionately expressing to you why.

~ Joe Reid Kirby III 11/3/16

2017 3CupsOfJoe. All rights reserved.