YOU are YOU. I Am ME. WE are WE.

YOU are YOU. I Am ME. WE are WE. by Joe Reid Kirby III

YOU are YOU.

I Am ME.

WE are WE.

Free to be,

All you see,


Over reality,

And practicality,

Creating our own actuality,

Choosing quality,

Be equality,

The wealth found in poverty,

Spiritual sovereignty,

The beings’ entirety,

You are not society,

YOU are YOU. I Am ME. WE are WE.
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My Demise

My Demise by Joe Reid Kirby III

Dreams of my demise used to shake me up,
But fear has been more frightened of me ever since life decided to wake me up,
A dark room I dwelled in for so long illuminated my mind,
Jail or prison has nothing on this bondage called time,
As these beads of sand rain in this hour glass we live within,
I see so many walking around in life just to pretend,
Never knowing when or where to start their journey before it abruptly ends,
& most don’t make it to find it out because time is all they spend,
Staring at this white wall though I’ve found I have no such time,
I can’t afford to sit around & read every line,
For it’s times like this I feel like a poor man when it comes to time,
& my insecurities & doubts often invite me out to dine,
Watching the hands on the clock won’t make my hands move any faster,
& the numbers I study in numerology won’t protect me from disaster,
I live wrapped up in all I want,
Buried by my desires,
& time slips further & further away as tonight I plan for an early retire,
Lay my head upon this plush bed & dream of my demise,
Only to awake to another day,
Another chance to live, love, laugh, & be the expression of life’s surprise.

~ Joe Reid Kirby III ~ 1/24/13


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Pearls by Joe Reid Kirby III

Natural Pearls form when an irritant – usually a parasite and not the proverbial grain of sand – works its way into an oyster, mussel, or clam. As a defense mechanism, a fluid is used to coat the irritant. Layer upon layer of this coating, called ‘nacre’, is deposited until a lustrous pearl is formed.” —

Can’t allow thoughts of hate to consume my fate,
I kept myself too wide open and should have closed the gate,
A long while ago, but I could not wait,
And every hook thrown out, I jumped at the bait,
And the love had gravity gone, so I couldn’t feel the weight,
Returning to reality though, crashed on me pretty hard,
It’s unfortunate I once again opened up without a guard,
And who to blame, but ones self, when falling for deceit,
And who to cry for, but ones self, after meeting defeat,
This is a very familiar realm I’ve stood in though,
According to my memory, not long ago,
To know that I keep myself in this vicious cycle,
And ignorantly choose not to let go,
But how is one to drop one chamber of their heart?
Fearing that dropping one will make the whole heart fall apart,
Plenty of time to sit and think, as I gain the spoils of the world,
But fearful to give back, because I’ve once lost everything, except my boy and girl,
Drawing back my fear slowly, and preparing to show the world,
The only way to lose that pain is to the masses, I hurl,
My whole heart,
Hoping there’s someone out there who can fix it,
Before I expire from this immense pain, brought on by a pearl.

~ Joe Reid Kirby III 8/22/12



#3CupsOfJoe … Peace. LOVE. Understanding.

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What I Got

What I Got by Joe Reid Kirby III (featuring Jazzmine Moore)


What I got is better than silver or gold,

It is something that I could never put on hold,

What I got is pure from the heart,

Since it is so pure we can never grow apart,

What I got grows day by day,

I can show my love in any different way,

What I got I keep deep inside,

But for you I have nothing to hide,

What I got is beyond diamonds and pearls,

I am a woman no longer a girl,


What I got makes me smile inside and out,

I am sure about everything I have no doubts,

What I got makes my soul feel warm,

Now I look at difficult situations in a different form,

What I got makes me feel special in different ways,

It makes me look off in a deep daze,

What I got I know is very true,

Because you were there to help me through,

What I got can never be replaced,

To me you could never be a disgrace,


What I got is rare in form,

Unique and bright could fight a storm,

What I got is true and sacred,

No matter what no one can take it,

What I got I can’t explain,

All I know is that it has many names,

What I got is unbreakably strong,

Holds together and flows like a well written song,

What I got contains no measure,

Overflowing with love and pleasure,


What I got is universal,

And over everything in my circle,

What I got is equal,

Not alike but balanced and sequel,

What I got is everlasting,

Not an on and off thing but forever blasting,

What I got is bold and independent,

All other opinions are not a dominion,

What I got has got me stuck!
~ Poetry collaboration between Jazzmine Moore (Pt.1 & 2) & Joe Kirby III (Pt. 3 & 4) ~ 2008


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Your Favorite Cup of Coffee: The Behind the Scenes Story of #3CupsOfJoe

Your Favorite Cup of Coffee: The Behind the Scenes Story of #3CupsOfJoe by Joe Reid Kirby III

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a cup of Joe? Probably your favorite cup of coffee, right? Well, that’s exactly what I intend to be. You read that correctly. I want to be your preferred cup of coffee; that gets you through the day, everyday.

Let’s think about coffee for a second … It’s strong, warming, and mentally stimulates you — all incredible qualities of a great writer. Why would I not aspire to encompass such excellence?

On the flip side, my ambitions are to impact the world in a similar manner. Coffee has its’ audience, and I am amped to build mine! I am on a mission to wake people up; energize their spirit; and inspire them to operate at levels they never thought possible. Do you see where I’m going with this?

To say the least, we as human beings tend to function on a much lower frequency than we’re capable of. We become comfortable with the idea of ease; and often fail to accept the necessary challenges, to draw back the bows of our life, and release them unto the bullseye of our desired target.

It’s much easier instead to follow the trends and just go with the flow; but is that really going to get you where you’re trying to go? I don’t think so. Disagree? Let us ponder on that analogy for a moment then: you’re helicoptered to the middle of a fantastical ocean, near the island of your dreams; the pilot releases you into the clear blue waters, as they’re dangerously low on fuel and unable to fly you the remaining way; they point you in the right direction, and assure you that you don’t have much further to swim. (An extremely elaborate storyline I know, but stick with me on this.) Do you: A.) Fearfully, go with the flow of the ocean; while hanging on for dear life to the closest thing to you, and wait around for someone to hopefully save you? Or, B.) Courageously, swim with all of your might in the direction an expert, who’s already been there, suggests for you to go? I’ll leave that to you to choose between the two.

My primary goal is to provoke thought, within the areas of life which the majority fail to think. The only cure for fear is understanding. It is nearly impossible though to gain comprehension from the questions never thought to be asked. Ah, I believe that’s my cue … welcome to #3CupsOfJoe.

So where does this coffee to the third power theme stem from exactly? I’m glad you asked … Truth be told, the name could be rooted to a number of sources I’ve devoted quite a large chunk of thought to: Like the theory that we reside within the 3rd dimension (4th, if you’re consciously aware of the unseen natural forces orchestrating this grand symphony we call life); quite possibly, the personal significance that I’m the 3rd generation of Joe Kirby’s; or, the general statistic that the average American drinks about 3 cups of coffee a day; and, let’s not forget to mention the fact that the human brain weighs approximately 3 pounds. Take your pick at the meaning of #3CupsOfJoe; just be careful not to dilute the sincerest message beyond the madness, being: Peace, LOVE, & Understanding.

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Fish Out of Water

Fish Out of Water by Joe Reid Kirby III

The fish are around,

In this sea they surround,

Me, you see, how I try not to be found,

I don’t make a sound,

They’re curious to see why I’m not bound,

Single me, in this sea, hunting me like a hound,

I see the sharks come to you, looking to eat,

Don’t be fooled my darling by their cunning deceit,

You are the most beautiful fish in the sea,

And all of those want what we used to be,

Come back to your school so we can swim together,

The sea is too big to swim alone forever,

Navigate with me and you’ll surely see,

That the only other fish for you is not in the sea, it’s me!

~ Joe Reid Kirby III  11/7/11


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Beauty & The Star

Beauty & The Star by Joe Reid Kirby III

You’re beautiful,
So beautiful …
You have not the slightest idea of how very beautiful you are,
You’d prefer to run away from the day,
Escape to the consistent hugs of where you lay,
Taking steps back too very far,
This is why you are where you are …
Hiding your gifts from the present,
Comfortable with the highs of being a peasant,
Completely unprepared for the always unexpected drips into the lows,
The height of the impact is met when it slows,
Even the pills can’t block such disastrous blows,
Spine tingling cuffs arresting every nerve right down to your toes,
The burden of pain comes with beauty I suppose is how it goes,
For you were born in to it …
But how beautiful it was to your mother & father when you opened your eyes,
Those many times you fell while learning to walk,
Didn’t hurt after a while to your surprise,
& your first love …
The crush that caught your eye,
Crushed you when circumstance intervened,
That foremost feeling though you could never buy,
& you can’t forget the beauty in the eye of that first guy,
The one who really cared,
The man or boy who consensually crossed you over into womanhood,
When the feelings were truly there,
Discomfort was in attendance to greet you at the gate,
Soon transmuted into something great,
Someone in this world wanted to be right there,
Vulnerable to you,
Attracted to all that you have to give,
Happy to feed you spoonfuls of pleasure,
Confirming your connection to this life you have to live,
& Oh you began to recognize your beauty …
Unfortunately, in all of the wrongest ways,
Seeking that connection to this mountainous life through men,
Sex without the soul helping & hurting you through your longest days,
But Oh how beauty pays …
Spending years engaged to pain,
Brutally pounded by hail & rain,
Somehow remaining beautiful …
Impossibly still beautiful …
& why do you think that is?
Could it be it’s because that’s who you are?
Make your next step forward,
Plug-in to the outlets which give, not take,
Darkness is but a backdrop to a star.

~ Joe Reid Kirby III  1/25/17

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