Final Hour ~ Poem

Final Hour by Joe Reid Kirby III

I find comfort in my silence …

Witnessing the world all around …

Wondering if anyone can hear my whispers,

Amongst all of the earthly sounds …

Thoughts seem to sound better in my head,

Than when I say them aloud …

But no one can touch the words I write,

Although I’m much more appreciative than proud …

Grateful for my gifts …

And thankful for my talents …

Where though is the open door,

Leading to my balance?

My legs shake with each step I take forward …

And the heart aches with every move I make back …

My dad taught me that I’d never catch anything,

If I gave my line too much slack …

But with the size of the dreams that I have to hold,

It’ll take a special kind of pole not to crack …

My mom wrote the codes of value on my mind,

Which only an artist could hack …

My wife and two kids fill-in where I lack,

And give me the strength to dig deep while I pack …

These heavy ideas …

Up to the highest clouds …

So that they may rain down on the dying blades of grass which need them …

Though mowers,

Cursed with the hate of growth,

May still work tirelessly to impede them …

If a man is still starving,

After he eats the peas on his plate,

No doubt he’ll bite the hand that feeds him …

The best players are the ones that understand the game,

But what about the many unaware that they’re playing?

Laws are the rules …

Money is the score …

Monopoly isn’t just a name anymore …

Beyond a saying:

The entire world is being bought up,

By the companies which we’re paying …

What will be left for our kids to have,

When everything is already owned?

Mentalities are being manufactured …

Most character is cloned …

Love is no longer given,

It’s condition is being loaned …

And interest is expected in full,

Though they show little to none in your authentic way of life …

Your most crucial findings considered absurdities,

As those of Royal Rife …

It is then that you understand the hymns of hope,

And comprehend our collective power …

This is why I put my heart into every minute,

As if this were our final hour.

~ Joe Reid Kirby III 6/21/17

2017 3CupsOfJoe. All rights reserved.


Are You Lazy? No You’re Not.

Are You Lazy? No You’re Not. by Joe Reid Kirby III

Long story short, if it’s not something you love, you’re not going to stick to it. Laziness and unhappiness can only exist when you’re doing what you don’t actually want to do. If you’re doing what you love and nothing else, on the other hand, you’ll never feel lazy and will always be happy to do whatever needs to be done to complete the task at hand.

Ever notice how the hours fly by when you’re doing something you love? That state where hours feel like minutes and minutes feel like seconds is precisely where happiness lives. You don’t live there though do you?

Instead, you live at a dead-end job that gives you anxiety from the time you open your eyes in the morning to the time you’re scheduled to clock-in. Once you’ve clocked-in; sucked down as many cups of coffee, or other heavily caffeinated alternatives, as possible; and wasted as many first-hour minutes as you could, before you actually begin a sad combination of ‘working’ and playing hide-and-go-seek with your supervisor; you neglectfully trade-in an average of 6 to 8 hours of your life daily for green-stamped pieces of paper. Can you see why there’s no happiness there?

Many devote their entire young-adulthood to schooling set out to mold them into the mass-producing, corporate-owned machines they are to become. Those who are finding it nearly impossible to muster up the energy to complete career-irrelevant projects; or climbing mountains of research which they’ll soon find that there’s no use for, once they’re in the real-world-field; have the audacity to label themselves as ‘lazy.’

Others spend their days half-assing daunting chores and tasks which could easily be delegated to a more time and energy efficient individual — whom finds those said chores or tasks both delightful and fulfilling.

Have you ever found yourself being lazy doing something you love to do? I didn’t think so. How about ever being unhappy while doing what you love to do? I’m not sure that’s possible either.

We’ve fallen victim to the idiotic ideology that we must do things that we don’t want to do, to have things that we want to have. This illusive imagery of the American Dream, passed-down from generation to generation, has deceived us all. The idea that we are to sit down, shut up, and follow the set rules of those outside of ourselves is simply lunacy. How do we ever expect to find excitement and happiness in that way of living? Real life is on the other side though: standing up, speaking up, and following your heart! If this isn’t how you’ve been living your life, there’s no better time than now to start!

First, we must establish what you love to do, as it is the only thing you see worth doing. What do you love to do? Do you love to write? Do you love to cook? Do you love to travel? Do you love spending time with your children? Well, that’s all you should be doing. Still sound too difficult? Okay, let’s go a bit deeper. If money, and everything related to it, was of no concern, how would you be spending your days? Hold that thought.

Going a little off topic briefly (no worries, I’ll be swinging it back around to my point), which celebrity do you admire most?


Now what does that person do for a living?


Do you think he/she spends any of their time doing anything they don’t want to do?

My point exactly.

We tend to place celebrities upon this podium of heights impossible to reach. On the contrary, we must understand how that individual operates throughout their day. Those whom have achieved the highest levels of their field didn’t do so by wasting precious hours doing things they don’t enjoy. Even those with incredible gifts and talents did not just wake up one day and automatically get promoted to their unbelievable level of success. These people work day-in and day-out only doing and perfecting what they love. They don’t even feel the 12 to 22 hours a day dedicated to their craft. Sometimes they even forget to eat; and the only breaks they take are to the bathroom. Have you ever been so fully immersed in doing what you love to do?

Let me be clear, for those who still don’t get-it. You were not born a “human-doer,” you were born a human-being. You’re here to be you. Simple as that. Governments, religion, and society have all over-complicated that truth. You are not lazy. You were designed only to do what you love to do. Your automatic response as a human-being, when it comes to doing things you find no joy in, will be to not desire to do it. Therefore, your happiness is hidden in all of the things you love to do. Do you want to be happy? Then, do what you love and nothing else.

2017 3CupsOfJoe. All rights reserved.

What’s Your Purpose?

What’s Your Purpose? by Joe Reid Kirby III

We’re so busy doing,

Never having time for being,

Not taking seriously the fact that we are not human ‘doers,’

We are human beings

What is the rainforest without the rain?

The butterfly without the ability to fly?

Something wonderful without the wonder?

Life can be lived on purpose,

Or as a blunder …

Did you mean to be here?

Did you mean to work there?

Was it not certain that you should be with the one you’re with?

Or are you just talking?

Fearful of putting legs on your purpose and walking …

Too loud to ever hear …

Distractions are the only distortions to seeing clear …

For your purpose is to remember that you’re here on purpose,

Your being yourself is your purpose,

Your life is no accident.

~ Joe Reid Kirby III 3/20/17

2017 3CupsOfJoe. All rights reserved.


Ever Wonder What’s Going On With YOU?

Ever Wonder What’s Going On With You? by Joe Reid Kirby III

“What’s going on with me?”

“Why did I react that way?”

“I should’ve said this …”

“I should’ve done that …”

       We tend to keep all of the ‘wrong’ questions and concerns infinitely looping in our minds. Suppressing our true emotions has grown staggeringly popular within these last couple of decades. A slightly different emoticon face is preselected for every event:

We have our work face — that: don’t bother me, awkward look; with a hint of “the thinker.” We have our family face — the: nothing’s wrong so don’t ask me anything remotely related to me; and let’s just talk (or argue) about something ridiculously unimportant to pass time, favorite. We have our: ‘pretend I’m sleeping’ or ‘in the middle of the next greatest discovery’ face for our children; to get out of giving them the love they desire at that moment. And, let’s not forget about our: “don’t look at me; don’t talk to me; let’s just pretend I’m not even here” face that we proudly parade around in in-public.

Is that you?

Who are you?

What are you going through?

        When was the last time you’ve sat down and checked on yourself? How’s your mind doing? Is your heart in the right place? When is the last time you’ve seen your true Self — the One without a face?

Even the lyrics of our music today can only find the words for other people, places, and things. Remember when artists used to convey a spot-on message through the transparent expression of their most tragic or tremendous experiences? There was once a time where stories were more interesting than news. Now though, the majority seem to enjoy the heat of reds over the intensity in blues.

Are you okay? You do know that it is okay to not be okay, right? The human body can only hold so much, although its’ storage capabilities are remarkable; but we must remember that what goes up must come down, and what goes in must come out. So what is your outlet? Even an ocean has rivers and streams. The rivers are the means of transferring what you productively create. The streams bring the incoming proceeds of your creations.

What have you created lately? Ah, you have no such gifts to create with. Sure, you may not be a painter, poet, dancer, singer, or filmmaker … but I’m sure you’re a mother, father, cook, cleaner, or dreamer — and what a gift those are! So, I ask you again, “what have you created lately?”

The problem is not that you have a problem, it’s that you ignore yourself — that inner-most voice that you know is you. That voice has been trying to tell you something hasn’t it? Why have you been ignoring it? Go to a quiet place. Sit still for a moment. Listen to yourself. What are YOU saying? After all this time of being ignored, you’re probably screaming. What is your soul crying for? If you’re not here to live, obviously you have something worth dying for. What is all of this trying for? You’re a being. A human being. Why did you get that privilege? Why are you not an ant instead? You think you are though … you think you’re so small, and your life seems to revolve around your bed.

To the eyes of this world you may be an ant; and you’re free to live this life as one. Or, you can choose to live free. Cut the strings you’ve stapled to your skin and tied the ends to emotional boulders guilty of weighing you down. The ones attached to your arms are the inhibitions that arrest you. The stringing of your legs are lassoed by fear. Your torso is being pulled by the gluttony of your terrible eating habits. The cord of hate will soon rip a heart-shaped hole in your chest. The line of doubt around your neck is sure to hang you if you fall. Each strand of your hair braided with threads of anxiety, stress, and depression. You’ve set yourself up for failure by attaching yourself to these things. Life seems a lot safer with strings attached, but you won’t make it very far. And your best life seems to be so far off in the distance. Can you see that you’ll never make it there though with those strings attached?

You may not be fully responsible for attaching these things to your life; however, you are in full control of detaching yourself from those things. You’ll never know though which strings are puppeteering your actions, if you never take the time to consciously examine yourself. And this is where it gets deep … Your mind is made up of memories, experiences, and emotions. Of course we enjoy to divulge only the greatness of those big three; unfortunately, it is more-so not the ‘happiest’ of those parts which make us whole. Lessons are most often taught in moments of despair. The secrets you’ll die with; embarrassing flashbacks; and any near-death experiences you’ve encountered can’t even slightly compare to our ancient ancestors times of the complete absence of hope.

The emotions of many generations before you have automatically been passed down to you. Your strongest feelings are generated by the genes you now wear, at a subatomic level, within your DNA. Your great-great grandmothers’ greatest fears or super-great uncles’ greatest hopes have been buried deep inside you. A fine portion of those voices in your head are your ancestors; and if your emotions become identical to theirs (even for a second), you subconsciously activate those answers that they have to share — from their library of memories and experiences. You had no idea you were so great did you?

The great thing about you though, is that you have the unalienable right to decide which thoughts to think; which feelings to feel; and which emotions to put in motion. The secret is in learning yourself and locating those on and off buttons throughout your body. How fun! There’s information inside of you that no ancestral site could find. Mountains of intellectual property and blueprints to a happy, fulfilled life camouflage themselves with the background of the only line that can truly make a difference — your bloodline. And even still, that’s only about a third of who you actually are.

Your personal experiences and memories make up the remainder of your being. What are you experiencing? What can you remember? You are what you put in (or what is being put in). Everything that interacts with your senses transforms into your common sense (which is why many who do not take the time to know themselves, or study what their mind is being fed, seem to have none). So what’s going on with you? What’s ‘on’ in you will ultimately determine where you’re going.

2017 3CupsOfJoe. All rights reserved.

Life Catcher’s

Life Catcher’s by Joe Reid Kirby III

How worthless it is to run from life,
To shy away from understanding,
Unconscious to the teachings life has to offer,
& wisdom,
It is reaching out & personally handing,
Though catching lightning bolts could often times seem scary,
But imagine the pure sense of joy in catching one in your bare hands,
Wrapping it around your left ring finger,
& deciding that feeling to marry,
The thought alone is hard to carry …
Especially in a 3 pound brain,
Anxiety over committing to life …
Without envisioning ball & chain,
All an illusion boxing your mind,
Programming your character’s channels,
Handing over your remote control to others to handle,
& quite possibly scramble,
Instead of writing your own words on the land,
With every stride your legs make & location you stand,
Life Catcher’s …
Catching life by the hand,
Swinging with it in indigenous forests of fun,
Decorated with bioluminescent ornaments with heartbeats,
Those who can look up & see their own feet,
Or look down & see their head,
One with the middle-path of all living beings,
Awareness to the stories in every book,
Every body longing only to be read,
But you must be open to sharing your story,
You harness words that need to be said,
No one though will ever read your mind,
If you fail to plant it in Earth’s garden,
Where rare seeds & fertile soils bed,
& the slightly salted water borrowed from the wells of sadness & laughter,
Soften all that has hardened.

~ Joe Reid Kirby III 2/3/17


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