So Many Questions …

So Many Questions … by Joe Reid Kirby III

Everyone wants to be seen. All want to be heard. It is human instinct to desire the often brief connection with our existence. Do you really exist if no one sees you? Are you even on the same planet as everyone else if no one hears you? The sight of your beauty blends in to the crowd. The sound of your voice only adds to the noise.

Even surrounded by people, you’re somehow still lost. Everybody is so busy worrying about their next task, that they walk right past you. If you were to fall to the ground, they’d still walk over you, as if you’re an obstacle to their travel to nowhere; and don’t stay down for too long, or they just might walk all over you. You’ve been trampled a few times haven’t you? The stampede towards greed holds out no hand; other than to help one’s self to grabbing what you or anyone else has to offer freely.

Can’t you see your dot, on this black and white screen? Do your ears not hurt from all the noise? Can your eyes take looking at it for more than 8 seconds, before you’re annoyed? Anger stems from the anxiety deployed. It’s becoming harder every day to simply imagine a life overjoyed.

Throw a hundred dollar bills out and watch the frenzy. Reveal your art to the busy streets and hear the silence. Have the ears not been trained well enough to notice those crying out through violence? Are the most ill-behaved children not those whom are traded attention for things? How are we then expected to realize the value in other beings? After all, things do what you want them to … most of the time. Beings, on the other hand, are out of control. Brains tend to spill over in a cereal bowl. The mind can’t be fed with an inanimate spoon. Your role in this life parallels that of an animate toon.

Rulers of the masses measure just how far we haven’t come. You’ve been deemed too dumb — for being responsible for yourself and your environment. Have you not given any thought to the fact that you were only taught how to work within this system until retirement? What are beyond these walls you have yet to breach? Did the greatest teachers of all time need to pay for a certificate to teach? Just how far can your voice really reach?

You didn’t pay enough attention in science class to understand this intrinsic frequency I speak of, did you? Why should you have to pay anyway? Is attention not our birthright? Should inner love not be our only worksite?

Can you not see the webs they’ve spun on your sight? And now you’re running around blinded, anxious, and scared; afraid that you’re about to die. Before you go though, have you even given life a full try? I see you. Now, play the instruments — you’ve been gifted talents for — louder; so that all around the world may listen and explore.

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