The Black Thread on the Heart ~ LOVE Poem

The Black Thread on the Heart by Joe Reid Kirby III

Sell me your soul …

Let me lick your mind …

I can only afford to pay you with my attention & time …

Mail your brain to the clouds …

Cut a slit in your chest …

Place the knife in my hands …

& I’ll do the rest …

Do you trust me?


I won’t say that you should …

But if I were you I would …

Although I could kill you …

I could.

But I’ll take my time as I reach into your heart …

Even though it’s hard to concentrate when those breasts spread apart …

I can see where it hurts …

Allow my fingers to heal …

Let me know when you can feel the pain that I feel …

Now that your blood’s on my hands …

You can see that it’s real …

But don’t die on me baby,

I have no intentions to kill …

Breathe out as I make this incision,

To the chamber on the right …

& drain any doubt that may be left …

I could steal your heart right now,

But what good is theft?

When you murder the one you claim to love,

You’ll have to die too,

To see the heavens above …

However, I want paradise right now & right here …

If you’re scared baby,

Look into my eyes …

That’s the only place you won’t see fear …

& don’t be afraid to release that tear …

Pour those emotions out,

& stop trying to push what makes us human to the rear …

Water is what makes those two windows clear …

Hold still my love,

As I grab the needle & thread …

To sew back up the parts of your heart where you’ve bled …

Each time I stick you,

I can feel your stomach contract …

& it looks so familiar when your eyes roll to the back …

Pain is a great reminder of pleasure …

Remembering the importance of collecting good times as treasure …

Knotting off the black thread,

& then biting the end …

I’m no doctor …

But a good heart I can mend.

~ Joe Reid Kirby III 10/15/17

3CupsOfJoe 2017. All rights reserved.


The Flame ~ Love Poem

The Flame by Joe Reid Kirby III

Thumbs calloused and ashed from flicking the lighter,

There’s an art to its’ pull and hold,

Like any good relationship,

You can’t allow a comforting flame to go cold …

You don’t want to release her,

Look how her flame provides the heat,

Promised her heart and soul to keep,

Careful to not bring her into the sheets without good intentions,

She just may burn the house down,

She just may …

Good thing my voice blows away her brief dismay,

Even when she’s the hottest flame,

I can still take her breath away with mine …

Lips sprinkled with drops of half watermelon and lime,

Lit …

It’s about time,

She’s it …

Straight from the purple grapevine,

Admit …

You need her …

You could possibly survive without her,

But without her you couldn’t truly live …

Make a wholesome warm meal,

Light a heavily stuffed joint,

Just at the tippy tips though …

Don’t sacrifice it all to the flame,

Or it’ll burn,

You better learn …

Let her be,

Make a move when it’s your turn,

On a countdown from 3,

Listen to her,

For her sizzling sound reminds you,

That perfection can be found when both are willing to meet half way …

To find true.

~ Joe Reid Kirby III 4/8/17

2017 3CupsOfJoe. All right reserved.



No one else in the world …

No one else in the world … by Joe Reid Kirby III

Though you’re many miles away,

I feel you,

Though the naked eye can’t make you out,

I see you,

Beauty in every form,

The same lightening as in a storm,

A burst of energy far from the norm,

Wanting to steal you away from your dorm,

Jump upon my mighty back,

Wrap your arms around my chest,

Place your lips near my ear,

And whisper to me where to my dear,

So that no one may hear and try to follow,

Deep into the sunset we go and are swallowed,

Free and open to be,

No one else in the world,

Just you and me.

~ Joe Reid Kirby III 3/28/15

2017 3CupsOfJoe. All rights reserved.img_91151.jpg


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I LOVE YOU! by Joe Reid Kirby III

Have you never known love?

Has your mother never kissed you?

Has your father never held you?

Has your child never tickled your ears with those three magical words?



So you are familiar with this feeling that I feel,

With this healing set out to heal,

With this dealing no hand could deal,

Can you see me?

I ask because I feel invisible to the world,

Invincible to all lemons that life has to hurl,

Investing in every molecule of this most remarkable girl,

This woman …

Oh what a woman,

I can’t help but admit, “I LOVE YOU!”

After every paragraph of dialogue that I say,

For it is YOU that harvests life,

From the deepest,

Most daunting morsels of me,

Look at that breath you just took,

That look you just looked,

Your every word … the most penetrating notes of an exuberant musical key,

And so you see,


Like the force that molded the heavens,

Causing the ambrosia fruits to sprout,

Among the lush greens and paradise blues,

The energy that makes no one better than two’s,

It’s you and I …

From this spot we stand,

Far beyond the sky,


Is only a short description of how I feel …

I plan to spend the rest of my time passionately expressing to you why.

~ Joe Reid Kirby III 11/3/16

2017 3CupsOfJoe. All rights reserved.

She is Art (Reader’s Favorite Love Poem)

She is Art by Joe Reid Kirby III

She is a butterfly,
Flying from her waist,
Off her hip,
And so very hard to catch,
Yet the beat of her brightly colored wings are strong,
As the way she moves is a song.

She is a tree,
A tree of life with no leaves,
Her fruits have fallen,
As she burst through the earth in February of ’91,
Not long before spring,
She is strong & robust,
Her roots are deep in the soil,
Penetrating the skin of the earth,
Yet she knows not how far her roots reach,
The rain from her tears,
Whether joyful or pain,
Soaks every layer of her rich lumber,
Birds find her branches comforting to sleep for a while,
However their true nature often takes them away,
Leaving her there alone in the night,
Finding more of her patience & strength within her slow growth.

She is a rose,
Fully blossomed & gleaming,
Admired by every eye,
The glitter on her petals,
From soaking up the sunlight,
Leaves her multitude of colors beaming,
A single rose,
On an entangled stem of thorns,
Seemingly begging to be held,
Yet insuring all are forewarned,
Bold enough to stand alone,
And unique enough to stand out in a dozen,
Leaves fall from her stem,
“He loves me or he loves me not,”
Is her personal poetic hymn.

She is a dandelion,
Ever affected by the wind,
Every seed blown away from her bud,
Is how she treats her sin,
She is fun,
And doesn’t mind letting go,
Hands are often in the air,
If you show interest in her peculiar ways,
The smallest pieces of her will make you happy for many days,
Yet she is nature,
And if you do not see or notice her she doesn’t care,
But to never witness the goodness she brings,
To any heart isn’t fair.

She is blue,
For to her, “To love a man is to sell your soul,”
And she’s fully sold her soul but twice,
Men to her are now like mice,
She makes them believe in the cheese,
Then their throats she’ll slice,
For she is blue,
Her heart has grown mighty cold too,
Winter days in Alaska’s February is how you could now describe her heat,
Lay your head on her breasts,
As within her you rest,
And you’d swear you heard not a beat,
For her last deal with the devil left her soul depressed,
And her public blues expresses her lack of love,
Though she’ll swear that true unconditional love is what she desires,
From the top of the heavens to the bottoms of her feet,
Yet when that very love comes knocking on that blue door,
She dismisses all feelings & emotion,
And only calls for the meat.

She is art,
For her and the very essence of life is not far apart,
Angles and lines,
Shapes and shades,
Beauty is in the way her pencil behaves,
Color is what brings infinite time to the days,
Only a few special people can appreciate art,
Separating a meaning from a picture for most could seem tart,
For she is odd,
Yet her being makes perfect sense,
She is imperfect,
Yet her Creator sculpted her with perfection in mind,
She is ever changing,
For you can’t lock away a universal meaning of one creative souls thoughts,
She’s thought-provoking,
Ever mind choking,
And keeps people hoping,
Low key stimulating every sense,
Blood, sweat, and tears poured from every pore are nothing too immense,
A story that never ends,
An emotion splattered on a canvas then given a spin,
A feeling,
A thought,
A mind,
Or a heart,
A breath,
A fart,
A mark,
Or a spark,
The seen,
The blind,
A clock,
Or a space without time,
A love,
A hate,
A face,
Or the shadow of something erased,
And below,
And without,
And nothing,
She is art …
And art is life.

~ Joe Reid Kirby III 5/3/2014


© 2017 3CupsOfJoe. All rights reserved.

Fish Out of Water

Fish Out of Water by Joe Reid Kirby III

The fish are around,

In this sea they surround,

Me, you see, how I try not to be found,

I don’t make a sound,

They’re curious to see why I’m not bound,

Single me, in this sea, hunting me like a hound,

I see the sharks come to you, looking to eat,

Don’t be fooled my darling by their cunning deceit,

You are the most beautiful fish in the sea,

And all of those want what we used to be,

Come back to your school so we can swim together,

The sea is too big to swim alone forever,

Navigate with me and you’ll surely see,

That the only other fish for you is not in the sea, it’s me!

~ Joe Reid Kirby III  11/7/11


© 2017 3CupsOfJoe. All rights reserved.