She is Art (Reader’s Favorite Love Poem)

She is Art by Joe Reid Kirby III

She is a butterfly,
Flying from her waist,
Off her hip,
And so very hard to catch,
Yet the beat of her brightly colored wings are strong,
As the way she moves is a song.

She is a tree,
A tree of life with no leaves,
Her fruits have fallen,
As she burst through the earth in February of ’91,
Not long before spring,
She is strong & robust,
Her roots are deep in the soil,
Penetrating the skin of the earth,
Yet she knows not how far her roots reach,
The rain from her tears,
Whether joyful or pain,
Soaks every layer of her rich lumber,
Birds find her branches comforting to sleep for a while,
However their true nature often takes them away,
Leaving her there alone in the night,
Finding more of her patience & strength within her slow growth.

She is a rose,
Fully blossomed & gleaming,
Admired by every eye,
The glitter on her petals,
From soaking up the sunlight,
Leaves her multitude of colors beaming,
A single rose,
On an entangled stem of thorns,
Seemingly begging to be held,
Yet insuring all are forewarned,
Bold enough to stand alone,
And unique enough to stand out in a dozen,
Leaves fall from her stem,
“He loves me or he loves me not,”
Is her personal poetic hymn.

She is a dandelion,
Ever affected by the wind,
Every seed blown away from her bud,
Is how she treats her sin,
She is fun,
And doesn’t mind letting go,
Hands are often in the air,
If you show interest in her peculiar ways,
The smallest pieces of her will make you happy for many days,
Yet she is nature,
And if you do not see or notice her she doesn’t care,
But to never witness the goodness she brings,
To any heart isn’t fair.

She is blue,
For to her, “To love a man is to sell your soul,”
And she’s fully sold her soul but twice,
Men to her are now like mice,
She makes them believe in the cheese,
Then their throats she’ll slice,
For she is blue,
Her heart has grown mighty cold too,
Winter days in Alaska’s February is how you could now describe her heat,
Lay your head on her breasts,
As within her you rest,
And you’d swear you heard not a beat,
For her last deal with the devil left her soul depressed,
And her public blues expresses her lack of love,
Though she’ll swear that true unconditional love is what she desires,
From the top of the heavens to the bottoms of her feet,
Yet when that very love comes knocking on that blue door,
She dismisses all feelings & emotion,
And only calls for the meat.

She is art,
For her and the very essence of life is not far apart,
Angles and lines,
Shapes and shades,
Beauty is in the way her pencil behaves,
Color is what brings infinite time to the days,
Only a few special people can appreciate art,
Separating a meaning from a picture for most could seem tart,
For she is odd,
Yet her being makes perfect sense,
She is imperfect,
Yet her Creator sculpted her with perfection in mind,
She is ever changing,
For you can’t lock away a universal meaning of one creative souls thoughts,
She’s thought-provoking,
Ever mind choking,
And keeps people hoping,
Low key stimulating every sense,
Blood, sweat, and tears poured from every pore are nothing too immense,
A story that never ends,
An emotion splattered on a canvas then given a spin,
A feeling,
A thought,
A mind,
Or a heart,
A breath,
A fart,
A mark,
Or a spark,
The seen,
The blind,
A clock,
Or a space without time,
A love,
A hate,
A face,
Or the shadow of something erased,
And below,
And without,
And nothing,
She is art …
And art is life.

~ Joe Reid Kirby III 5/3/2014


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Life Catcher’s

Life Catcher’s by Joe Reid Kirby III

How worthless it is to run from life,
To shy away from understanding,
Unconscious to the teachings life has to offer,
& wisdom,
It is reaching out & personally handing,
Though catching lightning bolts could often times seem scary,
But imagine the pure sense of joy in catching one in your bare hands,
Wrapping it around your left ring finger,
& deciding that feeling to marry,
The thought alone is hard to carry …
Especially in a 3 pound brain,
Anxiety over committing to life …
Without envisioning ball & chain,
All an illusion boxing your mind,
Programming your character’s channels,
Handing over your remote control to others to handle,
& quite possibly scramble,
Instead of writing your own words on the land,
With every stride your legs make & location you stand,
Life Catcher’s …
Catching life by the hand,
Swinging with it in indigenous forests of fun,
Decorated with bioluminescent ornaments with heartbeats,
Those who can look up & see their own feet,
Or look down & see their head,
One with the middle-path of all living beings,
Awareness to the stories in every book,
Every body longing only to be read,
But you must be open to sharing your story,
You harness words that need to be said,
No one though will ever read your mind,
If you fail to plant it in Earth’s garden,
Where rare seeds & fertile soils bed,
& the slightly salted water borrowed from the wells of sadness & laughter,
Soften all that has hardened.

~ Joe Reid Kirby III 2/3/17


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What I Got

What I Got by Joe Reid Kirby III (featuring Jazzmine Moore)


What I got is better than silver or gold,

It is something that I could never put on hold,

What I got is pure from the heart,

Since it is so pure we can never grow apart,

What I got grows day by day,

I can show my love in any different way,

What I got I keep deep inside,

But for you I have nothing to hide,

What I got is beyond diamonds and pearls,

I am a woman no longer a girl,


What I got makes me smile inside and out,

I am sure about everything I have no doubts,

What I got makes my soul feel warm,

Now I look at difficult situations in a different form,

What I got makes me feel special in different ways,

It makes me look off in a deep daze,

What I got I know is very true,

Because you were there to help me through,

What I got can never be replaced,

To me you could never be a disgrace,


What I got is rare in form,

Unique and bright could fight a storm,

What I got is true and sacred,

No matter what no one can take it,

What I got I can’t explain,

All I know is that it has many names,

What I got is unbreakably strong,

Holds together and flows like a well written song,

What I got contains no measure,

Overflowing with love and pleasure,


What I got is universal,

And over everything in my circle,

What I got is equal,

Not alike but balanced and sequel,

What I got is everlasting,

Not an on and off thing but forever blasting,

What I got is bold and independent,

All other opinions are not a dominion,

What I got has got me stuck!
~ Poetry collaboration between Jazzmine Moore (Pt.1 & 2) & Joe Kirby III (Pt. 3 & 4) ~ 2008


© 2017 3CupsOfJoe. All rights reserved.

Your Favorite Cup of Coffee: The Behind the Scenes Story of #3CupsOfJoe

Your Favorite Cup of Coffee: The Behind the Scenes Story of #3CupsOfJoe by Joe Reid Kirby III

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a cup of Joe? Probably your favorite cup of coffee, right? Well, that’s exactly what I intend to be. You read that correctly. I want to be your preferred cup of coffee; that gets you through the day, everyday.

Let’s think about coffee for a second … It’s strong, warming, and mentally stimulates you — all incredible qualities of a great writer. Why would I not aspire to encompass such excellence?

On the flip side, my ambitions are to impact the world in a similar manner. Coffee has its’ audience, and I am amped to build mine! I am on a mission to wake people up; energize their spirit; and inspire them to operate at levels they never thought possible. Do you see where I’m going with this?

To say the least, we as human beings tend to function on a much lower frequency than we’re capable of. We become comfortable with the idea of ease; and often fail to accept the necessary challenges, to draw back the bows of our life, and release them unto the bullseye of our desired target.

It’s much easier instead to follow the trends and just go with the flow; but is that really going to get you where you’re trying to go? I don’t think so. Disagree? Let us ponder on that analogy for a moment then: you’re helicoptered to the middle of a fantastical ocean, near the island of your dreams; the pilot releases you into the clear blue waters, as they’re dangerously low on fuel and unable to fly you the remaining way; they point you in the right direction, and assure you that you don’t have much further to swim. (An extremely elaborate storyline I know, but stick with me on this.) Do you: A.) Fearfully, go with the flow of the ocean; while hanging on for dear life to the closest thing to you, and wait around for someone to hopefully save you? Or, B.) Courageously, swim with all of your might in the direction an expert, who’s already been there, suggests for you to go? I’ll leave that to you to choose between the two.

My primary goal is to provoke thought, within the areas of life which the majority fail to think. The only cure for fear is understanding. It is nearly impossible though to gain comprehension from the questions never thought to be asked. Ah, I believe that’s my cue … welcome to #3CupsOfJoe.

So where does this coffee to the third power theme stem from exactly? I’m glad you asked … Truth be told, the name could be rooted to a number of sources I’ve devoted quite a large chunk of thought to: Like the theory that we reside within the 3rd dimension (4th, if you’re consciously aware of the unseen natural forces orchestrating this grand symphony we call life); quite possibly, the personal significance that I’m the 3rd generation of Joe Kirby’s; or, the general statistic that the average American drinks about 3 cups of coffee a day; and, let’s not forget to mention the fact that the human brain weighs approximately 3 pounds. Take your pick at the meaning of #3CupsOfJoe; just be careful not to dilute the sincerest message beyond the madness, being: Peace, LOVE, & Understanding.

© 2017 3CupsOfJoe. All rights reserved.

World War III: The Concious vs. The Subconscious

World War III: The Conscious vs. The Subconcious by Joe Reid Kirby III ~ February 12, 2017

Human beings are currently engaged in a battle of a lifetime — welcome to World War III. However, this is not a traditional battle for land, money, or other countries’ natural resources. The challenges we face today are more mental than physical, in more ways than ever before.

We need to get back to operating within our simplest form, as our authentic selves. It is within that state which we are capable of creating another human life. We are creators of amazing things when we can tap into the simplicity of our being at will.

How often do you consciously think about yourself & your life goals? Became one with your purpose? Instead, of constantly thinking about the purposes & goals of others ….. It is when I started focusing on myself that I began to understand everyone else.

We too often spend our days hoping & our nights wishing. A mind filled with negative thoughts, due to a lack of appreciation for the many things you DO have in your life right now. Focus on those things instead. Those shining bubbles of glimmering positivity. It’s the positivity that gives opportunity the permission to come knocking at your door.

This world today though is filled with something very different … something that’s the absolute opposite of love (& stop being a hater all of your life, we’re not talking about ‘hate’ here) … I’m talking about fear. For some, young & old, it may be the dark. For others, it may be heights. For a few, it may be falling in love. For many, it may fall under the category of simply not knowing your natural-born rights. But one thing that they all have in common though is the things that they ‘think’ they see are unclear.

Yes, we’re talking about your scaredy cat ass my dear. Casting those tragedies, rejections, disappointments, heartbreaks, misfortunes, & all other shortcomings to your supposed-to-be “perfect” life, out onto the big screen of the neighborhood’s subconscious movie theater — for all of those around you to sit & secretly enjoy, in the most unproductive sense fathomable. Feeding their minds with that sickness. The same illness infecting the darkest corners of the minds tuned-in to the TV. Speaking of channels you’re addicted to, be sure to subscribe to mine on YouTube. You know you want to. Or, don’t you? You just made my point.

To think, or to float on autopilot all day … that … is … the question. (& you don’t have to wait on the answer, here it is …) Use your mind for all it’s worth! Your wealth & riches are in there! Why are you covering your treasures with junk? Negativity, being one of those many heavily littered pieces of trash that the majority choose to collect all day. I hear it’s also one of the most commonly passed down traits. All of those improperly disposed of waste products polluting the vast, pure oceans of a child’s mind. Multiply that by our time, & you begin to wonder if there will be anything left in our future.

This is not a sign to beware, but a calling to be aware. You, as a living-breathing energy transmitter, are responsible for consciously using your mind. The thought-highways are fogged with enough fear-mongering impurities; chocking the lungs of even those who are only happy to breathe. Keep your intersection free & clear however, & you could make way for more positive inspiration to fly through. As more frequencies begin to harmonize with yours, a certain music starts to play. A genre that every culture can dance to. A beat that every heart comprehends. In-tune with our very nature. Moving the clouds collectively.

Sound familiar? The natives & aboriginals had it right. It is our collective consciousness that is even capable of moving the skies. We’re all doing that at this very moment … subconsciously setting up our physical reality … the world we’re living in today. Why are we now unable to make contact with that place where we’re able to do that deliberately? Can you see where I’m going with this? Look down that tunnel … right there … straight ahead. Move your phone or computer, it’s blocking the sky’s view of your head. Look within instead. Write your thoughts down in red. Because that genius couldn’t have come from YOU! Right?

Wrong. If confidence was your main vein, you would have already bled. If you had to choose to love everyone in this world unconditionally, or die, you’d probably already be dead. Everything that exists in this world is directly live-streamed from all that we’ve ever mentally or physically said. And every moment you add to it … yes you … yes, you do it. If you don’t pick a side to think from, your mind will do it for you; & its’ every decision will be linked to any & all information that your mental library has been fed by one, or a few, of your six senses.

We’re diving into your third eye here folks. (Yes, ‘that talk’ … don’t be so quick to brush it off with your ego-ridden know-all. I see you intellectual.) The pinecone shaped storage unit in your brain; spending much of it’s time simultaneously reflecting memories to the present moment, & mirroring your inner emotions upon your outer existence. How many of you knew that exists? Now tell me again how you expect to consciously control a massive piece of the masterpiece — which is you — that you may know little or nothing about? Y’all don’t hear me though …

No really though, listen to the voices I’ve implanted into these carefully crafted words. Reread what you’ve already read if you must. After all, wealth is in reading; & you may find your hidden treasure in these upcoming paragraphs — I’m currently trying to conjure up & present in the most thought-provoking way possible (sit still bladder, we’re in the middle of a breakthrough here). My voice is your voice that found itself.

That is your confirmation, & this is what you came for: Your life, like my life, is one story of many stories. We all simply want to be read. The thought of someone carefully flipping through your pages; engaging fully in the chapters of your life; & actively listening to … no, HEARING … with the sole intent of understanding, your message or cry, may bring a tear to your eye. And for good reason. You’ve been through a lot. Yet, you’ve chosen to disconnect yourself from this network of love & to live in fear. Not sharing your message with those who may desperately need to hear it. The real story, of the real you, & how you made it through. Why are you hoarding the countless unsticky notes in your head? Failing to communicate your experiences through your unique art of self-expression is precisely what’s constipating your mind. What do you expect then for it to produce when it drinks the laxative-ladened news daily; & is presented with gossip-filled sheets of tissue paper from toilets disguised as a friends? I’m sure you guessed it.

Come from behind the walls you’ve built for a while … reconnect yourself to human nature. Your passions are the various outlets which will recharge your batteries & rejuvenate your life. Flipping the switch in your soul from a negative frequency to a positive one. Choosing to consciously control the levels of your life, instead of unconsciously rolling downhill through them. Then, something phenomenal happens … science coined it, “The Butterfly Effect.” You are the butterfly. Your life the effect.

Rise from your next slumber transformed. Speak to others through the beat of your wings. Fly to heights you’ve never seen. Experience everything you’ve ever dreamed. Once you’re truly loving life — in love with life — now is the time to strike! Create.

Let the world see how beautiful you are … this is what makes you a star. Shine bright & show others the way. Remove everything negative from your mind, but allow the positivity to stay; rent free, & give it a key … let it reside with you … confide in you. Commit its’ energies to your purpose, passions, & play. Watch the world around you be affected by it. Imprint your trend in the wind. This is where the magic begins …

Your voice is their voice. If you were blessed with one, train it well & speak up. Those receiving the signal to the same station will hear it, & they will be inspired by it. For you speak what they think. Say exactly what they think can’t be said. Build those bridges of understanding; where you can exchange ignorance, fears, & hatefulness for ideas, knowledge, & wisdom.

If you don’t speak up though — in your very own way — that voice, that needs to hear your voice to be inspired, may remain silent. Within that silence could have been the next greatest creation of our lifetime, or the prevention of the most tragic devastation. Is that too far fetched? I suppose it’s simply a coincidence that you’re here reading these words. But what if it’s not?

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