In a vast space where stars collide. ~ Poem

In a vast space where stars collide. by Joe Reid Kirby III

After being off for so long,


In the distance …

Far out of the limelight …

The darkness is where I shine bright …

I’d rather not be annoying,

So I’m outta sight,

So full of fight,

This smoke temporarily makes me feel like I’m foreal at a higher height …

Blind to the most beautiful colors,

Are those who only see in black & white …

Out of infinite situations which make up your life,

Who can say what’s wrong or right?

But this feeling …

This electricity running through my veins …

Providing abundant energy to my limbs …

This right here …

This is right

She flipped the switch,

& she could see me …

She saw herself clearly in my eyes …

After being off for so long,

Deep in the dark & so gone,

I was so ON!

Now show me where hatred hides …

& I’ll show it what unconditional LOVE is,

Without begging them to change or pick a side …

My LOVE is wide …

Reaches deep inside …

In a vast space where stars collide.

~ Joe Reid Kirby III

2017 3CupsOfJoe. All rights reserved.



Full of Greatness ~ Poem

Full of Greatness by Joe Reid Kirby III

Grateful for these eyes that can see so many colors,

Grateful for these ears that can hear so many sounds,

Grateful for these buds that can taste so many flavors,

Grateful for this nose that can smell so many scents,

Grateful for this skin that can feel so many sensations,

Grateful for these lips that can kiss the loves I miss …

I’m simply grateful to exist.

~ Joe Reid Kirby III 6/1/17

2017 3CupsOfJoe. All rights reserved.

#3Words ~ Storytelling Challenge

#3CupsOfJoe SUPPORTERS: I’m starting up a new YouTube Series — #3Words — on the GottaLoveKirby Channel, & would like for you all to inspire my words through yours! Everyone has a story to tell, & I’d love to hear yours!
Here’s the challenge: Every Wednesday, we’ll have a theme (ex. Happy, Sad, Mysterious, etc.) to which you can write a thought-provoking 3 Word Story. I’ll be picking one of those stories each week to write a poem about & feature it in my next #3Words broadcast on YouTube.
A few quick examples:
*Happy ~ Swimming in paradise.
*Sad ~ One ninth starve.
*Mysterious ~ He recognized her.
Anyone & everyone are welcome to participate. All submissions will be considered. What’s your story?
#3CupsOfJoe … Peace. LOVE. Understanding.

Authentic. (Actuality Check – Slow Suicide) ~ Slam Poem

Authentic. (Actuality Check – Slow Suicide) by Joe Reid Kirby III

It’s the ones that don’t really care about life that commit slow suicide —

eating crappy foods; drinking poisons; not truly caring for the brain & body.

I’m one of those too.

Too cowardice to face actuality.

Preferring to sit quietly & pretend things don’t bother you …

but they do.


grit those teeth or bite those lips,

you know it’s true.

Things bother me too,

but it’s not ‘okay’ to say it.

Wishing it was the kind of problem of which you could simply spray it.

Nope … No!

Everything that’s not like you pisses you off.

That demon in your mind continues to dominate the inner chatter.

Sometimes you just wake up, and want something to smoke, pop, or drink

to be unable to walk.

And that’s your excuse.

Piss poor excuse.

You don’t really want to be in that skin

do you?

You traded your life for religion

only to excuse yourself from having to live it.

The happiest humans are those who don’t


in anything.

Like babies.

Nothing offends them.

But for us believers in the infinite forms of energy which surrounds us,

it’s scary out there.

People bury themselves

in their open coffins

of problems

out there.

You’d prefer to get it over with

& be mummified or incinerated

right now,

because there just has to be something poetic after this

hell of a life.

Right? Right …

You know I know these things

because I own these things.

My mirrors stay clear

so I can see


Here’s a selfie to the world of how I see me.

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~ Joe Reid Kirby III 5/6/17

2017 3CupsOfJoe. All rights reserved.

AnXiety ~ Poem

AnXiety by Joe Reid Kirby III

Anxiety …

Why do you lie to me?

Making up these elaborate stories in my head …

If there was a such thing as a monster,

I’d be it …

And my preference would be on top of the bed …

If I was to die,

I’d already be dead,

So there’s no need to remind me of the anomalies which could occur …

Insuring my demise …

I’d much prefer for my untimely death to be a pleasant surprise …

By the way,

When I’m excited,

You’re not allowed to rise …

Why worry that I’ll lose what I’ve just gained?

Can I just enjoy my time with my prize?

No matter how brief …

There’s no need to grief,

The warrior sells,

It’s only the worrier that buys …

And I’m not buying it,

So stop trying it,

You master thief of truth …

Turning my mind against my body is simply a ploy,

My soul demands to see the proof …

If I am to stop treading on,

Atop this unfamiliar ground,

One thing I need you to understand anxiety,

Is that I hardly ever,

Practically never,

Need you creeping around …

Those grim memories you attempt to cage me in,

Isn’t somewhere I choose to live …

I’m here now …

Safe & happy,

With this present Love has chosen to give.

~ Joe Reid Kirby III 4/24/17

2017 3CupsOfJoe. All rights reserved.

Burst a Grape ~ Poem

Burst a Grape by Joe Reid Kirby III

Burst a grape,

Don’t whine about it,

Or become violent …

You have the right to remain silent …

Also, the right to speak …


The only place my tongue belongs,

Is on her,

Not hidden in my cheek …


This is strength you’re looking at,

My inner voice told me I lost the weak …

Unclog the mouth of anything,

& watch it annoyingly leak …


Allow that unadulterated voice to be heard as a child,

To witness it grow,

Like the rising slope of a mountain,

Without a limiting peak …


If it’s truth you seek,

Live amongst truth-sayers …

Those who could honestly,

Sometimes brutally …

Narrate your week.


~ Joe Reid Kirby III 4/23/17

2017 3CupsOfJoe. All rights reserved.

The Flame ~ Love Poem

The Flame by Joe Reid Kirby III

Thumbs calloused and ashed from flicking the lighter,

There’s an art to its’ pull and hold,

Like any good relationship,

You can’t allow a comforting flame to go cold …

You don’t want to release her,

Look how her flame provides the heat,

Promised her heart and soul to keep,

Careful to not bring her into the sheets without good intentions,

She just may burn the house down,

She just may …

Good thing my voice blows away her brief dismay,

Even when she’s the hottest flame,

I can still take her breath away with mine …

Lips sprinkled with drops of half watermelon and lime,

Lit …

It’s about time,

She’s it …

Straight from the purple grapevine,

Admit …

You need her …

You could possibly survive without her,

But without her you couldn’t truly live …

Make a wholesome warm meal,

Light a heavily stuffed joint,

Just at the tippy tips though …

Don’t sacrifice it all to the flame,

Or it’ll burn,

You better learn …

Let her be,

Make a move when it’s your turn,

On a countdown from 3,

Listen to her,

For her sizzling sound reminds you,

That perfection can be found when both are willing to meet half way …

To find true.

~ Joe Reid Kirby III 4/8/17

2017 3CupsOfJoe. All right reserved.



Laughs & Cries ~ Poem

Laughs & Cries by Joe Reid Kirby III

Burn yourself with the tip of the lighter,

After you’ve just lit your favorite thing to smoke,

Sing the same ten songs over & over again,

Sometimes they’re the only voice that brings hope …

I’ve never stolen anything from anybody in my adult life,

Unless those fries or lips of hers count …

I spend every damn dollar I earn,

No matter my banks account …

Swat the mosquitoes & dodge the bees,

Don’t get bit by no ticks & fleas,

The heart stops …

Deciding to live again,

When you sneeze,

The mouth reminds the mind to calm,

When you yawn,

To set the body at ease …

The screens steal our time with cries & laughs,

& we proudly pay it our attention,

That’s all we have left to spend …

Work my ass off at an overnight job that’s below my talents,

But …

When the car’s broke down & the rent’s past due,

Where’s the class that tells me what the hell to do?

The governments swallow the bail & tickets,

The church helps themselves to the tithes,

But how many financially-damned have they helped?

So many laughs & cries.

~ Joe Reid Kirby III 4/11/17

2017 3CupsOfJoe. All rights reserved.


BIRTHPLACE of PAIN | A Poet’s Poem + Visual

BIRTHPLACE of PAIN by Joe Reid Kirby III

Look at how many people can take pain …
Do you see that single mother working two 8 hour shifts a day?
Have you noticed that father who wants to be in his children’s life, but their mother makes it impossible?
How many tattoos have you seen today, from grieving souls & wanderlust spirits?
Your ears have yet to recognize the broken heart which wonderfully pumps out the words of your favorite song when you’re all alone …
The hungry tend to have voices much softer than the boisterous speech of the greedy,
Those whom have everything this world has to offer somehow need more than the needy …
Luckily, people in pain tend to find the pleasure in it …
The stroke of a needles’ solo act,
Pushing the pain out of your pores,
& you’re forced to face it nose to nose,
How strong are you without your clothes?
Hanging upside down by thin strings wrapped around your smallest toes,
Or lying under someone who reaps all of the pleasure,
Yet brings no rewards worth a measure …
Only more troubles …
Every year they’re ignored,
A little problem doubles,
Are you armed with your sword?
They say not to walk without it …
But I dare not use it on my brother,
To those whom act as sources of destruction:
I choose not to be another …
I honor human life,
Quality of life,
& most of all …
My mother.

~ Joe Reid Kirby III 4/9/17

2017 3CupsOfJoe. All rights reserved.

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